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Where to Stay in Venice Cannaregio

December 13th, 2019 by Prontopia

Cannaregio is a charming local neighborhood in Venice filled with many local spots for dining or an aperitivo. When considering where to stay in Venice Cannaregio is both convenient to all of the sites and transportation depots, while at the same time less touristy and crowded than areas like San Marco. The sestiere of Cannaregio goes from Santa Lucia train station to Campo Santi Apostoli, connected by the long pass-through street of Strada Nuova.

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Where to Stay in Venice Cannaregio 0

Sunset from Sant’Alvise

Strada Nuova is one of the most crowded streets in Venice as most tourists take it to get to San Marco and Rialto. Many visitors to Venice only go through this street, and neglect to visit all of the charming local parts of Cannaregio, which is actually one the most residential Venetian areas where many Venetians live.

The area known as “La Baia” in Cannaregio is a residential area that was restored over the last 10 years. Before that, it was known to be a sort of dangerous area. Today is a wonderful place where you will see beautiful sunsets and elderly playing with youth during the day. This area is not touristic at all. You will only see Venetians there, and we strongly recommend you to go there for a taste of local Venetian life, at the least to see the beautiful sunsets.

From la Baia until Chiesa dell Misericordia runs the Fondamenta della Miserircordia, which is the traditional canal-side street where all Venetians go to have a coffee, a spritz and a cicchetto.

Some of our favorite places to eat and relax with friend along the Fondamenta della Misericordia are:

Osteria Bea Vita at Cannaregio 3082, a very cheap and traditional Venetian place.

La Bagatella at Fondamenta de le Capuzine, 2925, a great place for hamburgers and a beer!

Al Timon Fish and Al Timon Meat at Fondamenta dei Ormesini, 2754, two delicious very local restaurants, one with a menu of Venetian seafood dishes, and one with an amazing menu of roast meats served on generous platter with grilled vegetables and potatoes. Al Timon is also a nice place for aperitivo where you can enjoy uno spritz on the boat at “Al Timon” docked canalside at the restaurant.

Osteria Ae Bricoe, 2684, Fondamenta dei Ormesini, 2684, family owned by 3 siblings:  Federica, Davide and Stefania. Their specialty is artisanal pork. They opened in June 2017, but they soon entered Venetian’s heart, so that today is a must-go place in Fondamenta della Misericordia for cicchetti and cheap wine. For breakfast you can choose your brioche and they’ll fill it with whatever flavour you like at the moment.

Where to Stay in Venice Cannaregio 1

Canalside tables at Osteria ae Bricoe

For an aperitivo or a snack in this area, we suggest: Paradiso Perduto, which is also a nice jazz club in the evening, Sulla Luna, Sulla Luna is owned by Francesca from Padova, She’s passionate about illustration for kids so she decided to open this “library”/ bar where she sells books for kids but also cooking and design ones. Francesca and her husband cultivate Prosecco and produce 10.000 bottles of Prosecco Bio Lunatico per year. It is sold especially in London. Sulla Luna opened in November 2017 on the idea of the French Bistrot: they have a selection of fresh high quality dishes such as Mozzarella di Bufala.

In the picture you can see Katia, a student working part-time at Sulla Luna. She told us with passion about the philosophy behind the place: making people feel as home e cultivating the values of organic products and sustainability for the environment.

Where to Stay in Venice Cannaregio 2

Katia at Sulla Luna Cafe

Vino Vero serves only organic wines (no spritz). Although the prices are a bit high, they serve very very big and delicious cicchetti. This is an elegant place but not a traditional Osteria.

To explore beyond the Fondamenta della Misericorda, you can go left or right. If you go left you will arrive to the Sant Alvise area where you will find a quiet square to rest and take a vaporetto if needed. If you go right, you will go back to Strada Nuova, however, before you return to Strada Nuova, we would like to suggest some nice local places to stop for a drink or a snack:

Time Social Bar is a local neighborhood cocktail bar owned by Alessandro Beggio, a Venetian with a strong cocktail passion.

Where to Stay in Venice Cannaregio 3

Alessandro and Giacomo at Time Social Bar

Two of our favorite casual places with friendly owners in Cannaregio are:

Arte della Pizza , a casual, family-owned pizzeria.

Orient Experience , a nice Middle Eastern food restaurant founded and operated by refugees,.

Where to Stay in Venice Cannaregio 4

Handmade papers and postcards

Finally, in addition to local dining and quiet spots to watch the sunset, you can also find nice local small artisanal places in Cannaregio, like a boutique with dresses designed by the owner, bakeries with fresh breads and pastries, and art shops.

We hope to see you in Cannaregio soon. If you are staying in Cannaregio, help from a friendly Prontopia local getting from the train station to your holiday apartment or hotel is a nice option for a stress-free and on-time arrival, with info about the best places to go in Cannaregio from a local who loves the area.

A few of our friends in Cannaregio

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Residenza Procuratie – A light-filled apartment that sleeps 6 people near the Campo San Geremia and Jewish Ghetto areas.

Feeling Venice – Host and Prontopia Local Valentina lovingly rents these two apartments in charming, and local, areas of Cannaregio where you will feel as if you are the guest of a friend.

Venedig Apartments – Christine, the gracious hostess of Venedig Apartments, has been welcoming guests to her carefully selected collection of apartment for over 20 years in Venice. Look at this Cannaregio canal view from one of the studio apartments.

Hotel La Forcola – Hotel La Forcola is a small locally owned hotel with canal views and lovely terrace next to the Venice Casino.

Hotel Tintoretto – At Hotel Tintoretto you will be welcomed by local Venetian proprietors in a quiet, characteristic area of Cannaregio, with rooms set between a small “campiello” and the tranquil inner canal views of the San Felice canal. They also have several apartments in a dependence convenient to Strada Nuova.

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