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Venice Airbnb or Hotel

December 13th, 2019 by Prontopia

Venice Airbnb or Hotel

Deciding what type of accommodations you should choose for your holiday in Venice is one of the most important factors of your visit. Depending on how long you are staying and who you are traveling with, the decision can come down to whether to stay in a Venice Airbnb or hotel. Here are the top  factors for determining which option is best for you.

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The serene inner canal view from the family suite at B&B Corte 1321

How long will you be staying in Venice?

If you are staying in Venice for 3 days or more, and you would like the experience of getting to know Venice beyond the most popular sites, then staying in an Airbnb might be a nice option for you. When you stay for more than 3 days, you will have more time to get to know your local neighborhood, perhaps frequent the nearby cafe for coffee and pastries, and have a comfortable place with space to relax in between siteseeing.

If you are staying for less than 3 days, a hotel or B&B is likely a better choice for you. When staying in Venice for less than 3 days, you will likely be out all day in order to see all of the key sites, and not have time for exploring local food markets or relaxing in your room. You will appreciate having the option of breakfast included, and a front desk to welcome you for a late-night arrival or early morning departure. (Our lodging partner, Corte 1321, is a lovely local option for a B&B in the San Polo sestiere of Venice)

Who are you traveling with?

If you are a family group, or need 3-4 persons in a room or all together, then an Airbnb might be a better choice for you. In ancient cities such as Venice, large family rooms, or interconnecting rooms, are not very common in hotels, because there are no new buildings, and the configuration of the space is limited based on ancient floor plans. It can be quite difficult to book a room for a family of 4, for example. Staying in an Airbnb or serviced holiday apartment is typically a better option for families or groups of friends of 4 persons or more. There are some options for larger hotel rooms, but these are primarily at the 4 and 5 Star hotels in the palazzos along the Grand Canal and therefore can be much more expensive. (Our Prontopia lodging partner, Residenza Bistrot de Venise, is a small B&B with 4 rooms that can be converted into an apartment for large families or family groups).

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Canal view near San Marco from the apartment at Residenza Bistrot de Venise

What type of traveler are you?

Do you have a list of the top sites you want to visit, and don’t want to leave anything to chance? In this case, a traditional hotel is likely the best for you as you will not be spending very much time in your lodging, and will not have time to prepare your own meals or explore hidden areas of Venice during the in-between times. If you like to have a few siteseeing activities planned in advance, and leave the rest to chance or discovery, with a calmer pace to your schedule, then a holiday apartment in Venice is a nice alternative option to a hotel. Holiday apartments in Venice are also nice for the type of traveler who enjoys experiencing off-the-beaten path places and a taste of local life during their visit.

Important to know before you go

Whether you choose an Venice Airbnb or hotel, be sure to only book lodging with those who are officially operating in Venice for your safety and for the quality. Booking with businesses who are fully licensed to operate in Venice also ensures you are visiting Venice respectfully, and makes for a better experience.

Confirm all desired amenities in advance, such as a/c, wifi, or kitchen provisions (if you intend to cook). With both small B&Bs and holiday apartments in Venice, it is also a good idea to ask thorough questions about access to your room or apartment: are there a lot of stairs? Is the location easy to reach? Is there a concierge, host, or front desk person available 24 hours? We are proud to assist our lodging partners at locally-operated B&Bs, holiday apartments, and hotels  by supporting their guests with help as needed arriving to the hotel, or any needed concierge services, from helpful locals assistants on with Prontopia.

Whether staying at a Venice Airbnb or hotel, having a Prontopia local assistant help you with orienting yourself to the city and walking or taking the vaporetto is an economical and enjoyable option as it takes the stress out of finding your way, and you get to chat with a knowledgeable local about life in Venice or tips for your stay. Using this simple service will add so much value to your arrival–transforming your travel day into a trip day with a chance to meet a helpful local upon immediate arrival!

Image Note: The courtyard pictured above is from our lodging partner, the lovely CimaRosa B&B, which also has several holiday apartments in difference desirable locations in Venice.


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