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How to Get to Burano from Venice

December 13th, 2019 by Prontopia

Burano is a tiny island in the lagoon of Venice. It is one of the main islands worth a visit together with Murano. Whereas Murano is famous for glassblowing, the allure of Burano is the wonderful colorful houses. Below are directions for how to get to Burano from Venice.

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We hope you enjoy your visit, and soak up the joy of the view. There are many opinions on why the houses are so colorful in Burano! The most famous  legend is the one that says the houses are that colorful because it helped the fishermen to recognize their house when coming back home in the fog. You’ll be amazed by how quiet the island is . You won’t find any big supermarkets or shops but only little craft stores, in particular those making handcrafted lace.

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How to Get to Burano from Venice?

Option 1 – The Cheapest Route from Venice City Center to Burano

The least expensive option for getting to Burano is to take vaporetto Line number 12 from Fondamente Nuove to Burano. It’s about a 40-minute trip and you’ll pay the standard price ticket of 7.50 euros to go and 7.50 euros to return to Venice. If you’re planning to visit Murano and other islands, such as Torcello, it is better to buy a one-day pass ticket, which is going to cost you less overall. See our guide on How to buy Vaporetto tickets.

Below are the timetables for vaporetto line 12 from Venice Fondamente Nuove to Burano updated as of April 2017.

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Option 2 – The Cheapest Route from Venice Train Station Santa Lucia to Burano

If you’re in the Venice train station and you need to go to Burano directly, you need to take separate 2 vaporetto lines. At first, you’ll take vaporetto line 3 from Venice Santa Lucia Train Station to Murano Faro, and then at Murano Faro you’ll need to change lines and take vaporetto line 12 to Burano.

Below are the timetables for vaporetto line 3 from Venice Train Station to Murano. The timetables for line 12 are above listed in Option 1.

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Option 3 – The Easiest Way to Get to Burano from Venice

If you’re in Venice and you don’t want to waste your time by getting lost while buying vaporetto tickets or trying to find the best route on how to get to Burano, you can request a local on-demand at any time by using Prontopia. When requesting a local, you’ll decide when and where to meet the local. A friendly local will arrive in minutes and will help you on getting around by answering to all your questions and by leading you wherever you need in the easiest way possible!

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We hope you enjoy your trip to Burano.

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