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Prontopia Launches Free Help in Italy For Those in Need

March 19th, 2020 by Prontopia

At Prontopia, we believe in simple human connection, in extending a hand to those around us. People helping people. Since 2017, our local assistants have been providing travelers in Italy and Spain with in-person assistance. Now, in light of our global circumstances, our community is stepping up to provide free local help in Italy for those over 65 or with chronic illnesses. This will be provided free of charge in Venice, Florence, and Rome for the duration of the coronavirus outbreak.

Prontopia Launches Free Help in Italy For Those in Need 0

During this emergency situation, movement is being monitored to ensure that the spread of the virus is slowed down as much as possible. However, for the elderly and those in need, it can be challenging to get groceries, medications, or walk your dog. That’s why Prontopia has coordinated with the country so that we can be of assistance in a sustainable way. 

For the duration of the coronavirus outbreak in Italy, Prontopia will be providing assistance to those who are over 65 or with chronic illness free of charge. Stay at home, and we’ll do the rest. If you’re in need, or you have an elderly friend or family member in need, simply fill out this form and a Prontopia local assistant located in your neighborhood will be in touch. You can also get in touch by writing to us at or calling us at +39 328 281 0022.

Prontopia Launches Free Help in Italy For Those in Need 1

All Prontopia local assistants have been carefully selected, live near you, and are complying with local regulations for movement in the city. Prontopia local assistants will sanitize their hands and the handles on the bags they carry for precaution. 


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