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September 2018 Events in Venice Italy

December 13th, 2019 by Prontopia

September is one of the best months to visit and explore Venice: the weather is not too hot and not too cold, it is almost always sunny, and especially for the amazing events! The city starts to live again and it becomes busy. Here is our list of not-to-be-missed September 2018 events in Venice Italy:

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The Venice Film Festival 2018, August 20 – September 8

September 2018 Events in Venice Italy 0

Scheduled to be held from 29 August to 8 September 2018, The Venice Film Festival is the best moment to see movies premiers, movie stars and VIPs in Venice Lido on the red carpet. If you are also wondering where to go to eat and what else to do in Lido, here is our handy Local guide for what to do during the Venice Film Festival. Ryan Gosling, Lady Gaga, and Bradley Cooper are already here, are you coming?

Regata Storica, September 2

September 2018 Events in Venice Italy 1

Set to be on Sunday 2nd September, the Regata Storica is’s one of the most important moments for the Serenissima. During the afternoon, in the Grand Canal, you will see a fantastic parade of traditional rowing boats with participants all dressed in the traditional historical clothes of the Republic of Venice. But the real deal comes after: there will be traditional Venetian rowing races along the Grand Canal where the all year regatta champions, both female and male, will challenge themselves to become the final winner of the Lagoon rowing season. The women of Row Venice will also be racing: we will be there cheering for them and hope to see you there!

Festival delle Arti Giudecca, Sacca Fisola 2018, September 7-9

September 2018 Events in Venice Italy 2

The Giudecca is one of the most Local places in Venice: It is still full of local inhabitants and thus has a great selection of events organized by locals. The Festival delle Arti Giudecca is the biggest of the year and it has a lot of activities — artistic, musical, cultural and also fun for kids in Venice. Here you can find the full program, but what we suggest is just to go there, especially by night, to enjoy the music all set in a super suggestive atmosphere.

Opening of the Exhibition of Tintoretto at Palazzo Ducale, September 7, 2018 – January 6, 2

September 2018 Events in Venice Italy 3

The Tintoretto exhibition at Palazzo Ducale, scheduled  from the 7th September till 6th January is curated by two major Tintoretto experts – Robert Echols and Frederick Ilchman. It is probably one of the biggest shows about the famous Venetian Renaissance painter Jacopo Tintoretto, and most of all it’s one of the rare cases that the exhibition is set in the painter’s own city. With more than 50 paintings and 30 drawings, it’s definitely something worth seeing while in Venice.

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Photo Credit: Regata Storica, John Mountjoy


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