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When Is The Best Time to Visit Rome?

April 6th, 2020 by Prontopia

If you’ve had your sights set on visiting Rome for a while, you may want to go at your earliest possible convenience. But the best time for you might not be the best time in general. While Rome is a treat to visit in any season or month, we want to nudge you in the right direction so that you’re not coming at a less-than-ideal time. So when is the best time to visit Rome?

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Summer Vacation?

Your first instinct might be to come to Rome when school has let out and everyone else is going on vacation. The trouble with this is that it can feel, quite literally, like everyone else is on vacation. In a city like Rome, which draws in some 9 million tourists every year, the summer is the worst in terms of crowds.

The later in the summer, the worst it can be. Attractions like the Vatican and the Pantheon aren’t as easy to appreciate when you’re fighting for a good viewing spot. Plus, the heat can put a damper on things. By no means will it ruin your trip, but you might be a little miffed that you didn’t think ahead a little more.

However, if you come in the early summer, things can be better, both for the crowds and the temperatures. 

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Fall/Winter Trip?

As the temperatures drop in Rome, so do the crowd sizes. You’ll need to bring at least a light coat and maybe a scarf for the evenings if you’re coming to Rome anytime between November and January, but if you’ve dealt with a typical winter or braved the kind that you get in the midwest, this will be nothing.

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Spring Break?

A spring trip to Rome is your best option if you’re looking for good temperatures and aren’t too concerned about reasonably-sized crowds. In April and May especially, the weather is lovely. It definitely won’t be a ghost town, but you can get a better experience than you would in teeming crowd with sweltering temperatures.


There are great things happening every day in Rome, but there are some things you can only see at certain times of year. For instance, La Befana, the celebration of the Epiphany, occurs in January. Easter can make the Vatican even more of an attraction. Other great things are Festa dei Lavoratori, in May, and outdoor concerts in July.

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There are pros and cons to consider when scheduling your Rome trip, from the crowd sizes to the temperatures. We wanted to give you as good of an understanding of every season and what to expect as possible as well as things to be on the lookout for. We hope this helps you make the right choice for you when it comes to going to Rome.

Photo Credit: Juliana Malta on Unsplash, Dmitry Frantsev on Unsplash, Agatha Depine on Unsplash


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