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What Is Naples Italy Weather?

April 2nd, 2020 by Prontopia

An image search of Naples, Italy shows blue skies and even bluer oceans, with a few white and fluffy clouds for contrast. But is the weather for your trip going to be a delight or a hindrance? As with any other trip, planning is key. So what Naples Italy weather?

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Average Temperatures in Naples

In Naples, temperatures are quite pleasant year-round. Even in the heart of winter, temperatures are unlikely to go lower than the low 40s. While you might want to come for a summer vacation, be advised that the highs in the upper 80s during July and August, mixed with humidity, can become rather unpleasant.

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Rain Conditions

Naples isn’t completely free from rain. In this subtropical environment, there are approximately 88 days of rain per year, with winter seeing the most precipitation. Although the temperatures are generally quite pleasant during the fall, you should be careful about coming in November, as that’s the rainiest month. Up to nine days of rain can be anticipated during this month.

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Any Warnings?

Rain is the most you have to look out for in Naples, but it can get pretty intense. A visit in November could coincide with some thunderstorms and floods. Make sure you check the forecast and that you’re prepared with all necessary supplies.

Photo Credit: Rich Martello on Unsplash, Gabriele Diwald on Unsplash


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