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Naples Italy on a Budget: How to Save Money in Naples

February 24th, 2020 by Prontopia

Naples is a unique city thanks to its history, its cuisine, and its climate. The whole year is one of the most popular destinations for tourists who fall in love as soon as they set foot in the city. But Naples offers places of inestimable beauty and value that all deserve to be visited, however often these holidays become very expensive from an economic point of view. Would you like to discover a way to enjoy an unforgettable holiday and save a little bit at the same time? You are in the right place! In this post, Naples Pass shared with us tips for Naples Italy on a budget. Learn how to save money on your vacation!

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Getting around in Naples Italy on a budget is simple. First, avoid taking a taxi, regardless of how convenient it might be as it's the most expensive means of transportation. I recommend the metro or buses. Naples boasts one of the most beautiful metro networks in the world that connects every corner of the historic centre and its surrounding areas. With a ticket of the price of a few euros, you can easily move to the centre of Naples passing from the beautiful Toledo metro to the brand new Piazza Municipio up to the central Piazza Garibaldi with the new square designed by Dominique Perrault.

Where there is no metro, the bus or tram often arrives in. One of the buses that I recommend if you landed in Capodichino is the bus that takes you from the airport to the centre in a few minutes. Taking the bus is a unique experience as unlike the metro it runs inside the city fabric and allows you not to take your eyes off the city.

Food and cuisine

Once you know how to move around the city, you will feel a little hungry. The first tip is to avoid the panoramic places, which, par excellence, is the most expensive from an economic point of view, while you can not help but try the pizza in one of the historic pizzerias in the meanders of the historic centre or try a dish of pasta and potatoes typical of the Spanish quarter.

Typical cuisine is a must for the city of Naples and therefore you will find tasty and special recipes in every corner of the city. Spending very little you can also try other culinary specialities such as fried pizza, fries cuoppo and timeless desserts such as babà and sfogliatella.

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Naples has beauties to visit often even without spending a single euro. Among these beauties, there is certainly the historic centre with its historic buildings and churches of any era, from Palazzo Venezia to the Church of Santa Chiara. Furthermore, Castel dell’Ovo is one of the first castles built in the city, on the islet in front of the Santa Lucia quarter, guardian of one of the oldest legends of Naples. The legend said that the entire castle was built from an egg placed there by Virgil and when this egg broke, the city of Naples would fall.

Another place you can visit for only one euro is the Mostra d'Oltremare, an example of the Neapolitan rational architecture of the Twenties. Also if you do not know how to choose the date of your trip to Naples, I recommend the month of May. With the #MaggiodeiMonumenti you can find dozens of offers to visit the best places in Naples and its surroundings almost free: Pompeii, Herculaneum, Paestum, the Certosa di San Martino, the National Archaeological Museum and much more.


The most expensive part of a vacation is often overnight. In fact, Naples is full of luxury hotels. My advice for Naples Italy on a budget is to rent a holiday home or a b&b in the heart of the historic centre of Naples, both to save money and to experience the city at its best from the first sounds of the morning to silence of the night; a 360 ° experience of inestimable value.

Tour operator apps

One of the most popular customs in recent times is to use a tour operator or a similar service. Summary of all the tips I have given you is Naples Pass, an application with which you can fully experience the city. From transport dedicated to the timetables of the various attractions to hidden routes to the city map. Also, dedicated discounts for guided tours, privileged entrances, discounts on transport and much more.

These are a few useful tips to save on vacation in Naples, but come to the city to find out how many other ways there are to enjoy a unique holiday.

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