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Five Beaches Near Barcelona

May 8th, 2020 by Prontopia

Going to the beach is a “you’ve seen, you’ve seen ‘em all”-kind of experience. Some beaches are better for families and other large groups, while others are better for special moments with a loved one or just solo contemplation as you watch and listen to the waves crash and recede. 

Barcelona’s ideal temperatures and coastal location means coming to the beach should be on your agenda. However, you have to figure out which beaches to see, as there are plenty of excellent choices. These are our five favorite beaches around Barcelona to pencil into your intinerary once travel is safe once again. 


If you’re only planning one beach day in Barcelona, you’ll probably be coming to Barceloneta. This is a massive beach that brings out more people on any given day than you would care to count. Its history in the city is so great that it’s reported to have been an influence on a pivotal scene in Don Quixote. You don’t need to be a bookworm to have a good time at Barceloneta. All you need is a craving for fun and perhaps an appetite for the scrumptious seafood you’ll find in this fishing district.

Nova Icaria

Another city beach, albeit one that’s less populated is Nova Icaria. The tricky thing about recommending beaches for their solitude is that when everyone gets that tip, there’s much less solitude. However, Nova Icaria is still a lovely beach. The crowds don’t cut into the tranquility, nor do they prevent you from enjoying the greatness of their local restaurants or amenities like volleyball courts. Nova Icaria is also very respectful to is guests and has plenty of accessibility features to allow people with disabilities full enjoyment of the beach.

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Sant Sebastià

Sant Sebastiá bears mentioning not only for being one of the best beaches in Barcelona but for also being the longest. This is 1,100 meters of fine sand and surf. Besides getting in the water or soaking up the rays, you can also play volleyball, tennis, table tennis, and get massages. If you were already unwinding during your Barcelona trip, just wait ‘til you get to Sant Sebastiá. 


A 20-minute train ride is all that’s separating Barcelona and the Montgat beach. Compared to the more-populated ones in the city, Montgat’s beach feels much more intimate. It’s also cinematic in its beauty, with its white sand and multi-hued blue waters. Your train will pull up right to the beach, and you can feel the smooth sand under your feet almost as quickly as you see it. The water can also be enjoyed in many ways, from swimming, surfing, and boating. 

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Les Casetes del Garraf

Garraf is a lovely village inside Barcelona, and Les Casetes del Garraf is a gorgeous beach inside it. This is a beach that’s ideal for relaxation and photo shoots, especially with the golden tint to its sand. Former storage sheds for fishermen have been retrofitted as cabanas, and the whole area is great for an extended stay, giving you the charming European getaway you’ve always dreamt of.

Barcelona’s beaches speak to a city that’s made the most of its setting. All of these beaches and many more are worth visiting for their looks and how they bring different communities together. We hope that you prioritize coming to the beach when you’re in Barcelona.

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Photo by Lucrezia Carnelos on Unsplash


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