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Where to Find Eco Friendly Hotels: A Guide

March 11th, 2020 by Prontopia

Gone are the days when traveling sustainably meant you had to rough it in the woods. Now, eco-friendly hotels are springing up everywhere, and long-standing hotels are implementing practices to put them on the eco-friendly list, too. You don't have to choose between comfort and sustainability when it comes to your accommodations. But how, exactly, do you find eco-friendly hotels on your next trip? Sometimes doing the research is the hardest part - and that's where this guide comes in. Let's learn where to find eco-friendly hotels together!

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Where to Find Eco Friendly Hotels: A Guide 0


Design-lovers and luxury fanatics, Bouteco is for you! Through this online search platform, you'll be able to find gorgeous luxury eco-friendly hotels all over the world. From one of their reviews: "Glamour is no longer about glimmering chandeliers, polished lobbies and fussy service. It's about having meaningful life-enhancing escapes where we make emotional connections with new destinations, cultures, and people". Check them out here.

Earth Regarded Travel Map

Bonnie at the Earth Regarded blog takes note every time she sees a hotel making "admirable efforts to preserve its local ecosystem, give back to the local community, and minimize waste production". She also takes note if she's stayed at any of the locations, provides reviews, notes whether the hotels boast green certifications. Contact her if you have any listings to add to the map. Check it out here.

Kind Traveler

Kind Traveler has a lot going for it. Kind Traveler is a public benefit corporation, with a mission to "transform the incredible collective of everyday travelers into a financial force that betters the health and wellbeing of individuals, animals, and the environment". When you book through Kind Traveler, you're able to make a small donation, which unlock special rates and perks. Each hotel has its own charity that you can donate to, and the platform makes it as easy as possible to give back as possible. Use Kind Traveler here.

Book Different

Book Different is a social enterprise that offers a convenient way to search for eco-friendly hotels worldwide, as well as providing suggestions for off-the-beaten-path destinations. Book Different was founded in 2012 in the Netherlands, one of the greenest locations in the world! Check it out here.


Wayaj offers a simple search tool to find eco friendly hotels wherever you're going, as well as a carbon offsetting tool. Each hotel is provided with a "green" rating based on Wayaj's rigorous scientific standards - taking into account factors like waste management, building materials, clean energy practices, water usage, community impact, and more. Take a look here.


Holiable actually offers more tools to encompass all of your sustainable trip-planning needs. You can find everything from eco-friendly restaurants to experiences, and you can also filter what kind of accommodations you're looking for (e.g. bed and breakfast, glamping, etc.). Try it here.


Glooby is another more full-service platform that allows you to take sustainability in all aspects of your trip into account. The search engine allows travelers to compare prices on airplane tickets and hotels, and in-search, it indicates the most fuel-efficient flights and eco-labeled hotels. Take a look.


Kynder directly defines what conscious and ethical travel means to them on their site, enabling users to feel confident using the platform to make decisions. To be handpicked by Kynder, establishments must demonstrate sustainable practices, staff well-being practices, guest and community love, and quality. Search here.


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Where to Find Eco Friendly Hotels: A Guide 1

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