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How To Support Venice During Coronavirus Outbreak (Without Leaving Home)

April 24th, 2020 by Prontopia

Under coronavirus lockdown, La Serenissima has become just that: the most Serene. In fact, canals are empty, the water is flat and clear, and the souvenir stands and shops are all closed.

Venice has suffered a lot this year: who doesn't remember the images of the flooded city in November? After that, the city and its residents struggled to stay afloat, having to deal with incommensurable damages and tourists' booking cancelation.

How To Support Venice During Coronavirus Outbreak (Without Leaving Home) 0

Furthermore, Venice had to face a very low tourism Christmas first due to fear of high tide and then, when hopes where starting to rise again, its famous Carnival's Mardi Gras was dismissed due to the beginning of the New Coronavirus outbreak.

This is not an article to discuss passively what happened to Venice this year (read more here on the topic), on the other hand we are here to actively discuss how to support Venice during the Coronavirus. So let's see what we can do.

Start By Taking A Virtual Tour Of The City

A pleasure for the eyes, that's what Venice is. While waiting to be able to see it in person, take a virtual tour of the city and discover its most scenic views.

There are plenty of resources to dig:

  • 4K Urban Life made a high res video to enjoy the city's atmosphere from home;

  • The Musei Civici di Venezia shares weekly newsletter about the city to discover not only the city architecture, but its culture as well;

  • Not many know about Venetian underground music niche, so here's a personal suggestion from the Prontopia Venice office: a special "live boat session" from one of the most popular bands in the Lagoon: Rumatera.

Watch A Play (Or Read One)

Venice has been home to the most famous Italian playwright of the 18th century: Carlo Goldoni.

How To Support Venice During Coronavirus Outbreak (Without Leaving Home) 1

In fact, the statue in Campo San Bartolomio (pic above) is dedicated to Carlo Goldoni, a man who wrote and set most of his plays in the Lagoon. Moreover, his witty and honest plays are still being staged at the near Goldoni theater. Thanks to online archive, we can also read its most famous play "La Locandiera" for free.

Venice is also home to another cornerstone of Italy: the opera. If you are passionate about the opera, you can join La Fenice theater on its Youtube channel and listen to the many beautiful voices who stepped on its stage.

Try Eating Like A Venetian!

There is great culinary tradition behind every spritz with cicchetti. They are obvious starters!

How To Support Venice During Coronavirus Outbreak (Without Leaving Home) 2

Apart from aperitivo, try bringing a whole Venetian meal to your table: follow Naturally Epicurean, a Venetian food blog, and find the recipes that best suit your taste.

You will also find in depth explanations of Venetian lifestyle and tips to enjoy the real Venetian aperitivo.

Learn What It Takes To Be A Responsible Tourist

Venice is a city for all. It is a treasure of humanity and it's rightful for this treasure, to be the city many dream to see in a lifetime.

How To Support Venice During Coronavirus Outbreak (Without Leaving Home) 3

There is, in fact, no other city like Venice, a city made to be desired and cherished. Nonetheless, there is no other city as fragile as Venice. It is, in fact, only thanks to the curiosity of people willing to travel far to see it, that the city and its residents could keep the city and its uniqueness alive. So what should we do to help them thrive after this horrible year? We think that the least we can do is learning to be responsible tourists.

Read the following article to learn more about what is means to be sustainable on your travels: What Is Sustainable Travel? A Comprehensive Guide

Once we'll be able to travel again, we will be able to impact less on this beautiful place and world.

Discover The Most Authentic Shops And Businesses

Bring home a piece of Venice to remind yourself of the most beautiful place in the world! We have great news: Prontopia will soon feature a collaboration with Venetian local artisans, talking about their stories, crafts and products. Stay tuned on all Prontopia pages not to miss this great opportunity to meet and learn more about the people behind Venice's artistry and craftsmanship!

In the meanwhile, check out this article with Venice shopping tips from our local assistants in Venice: Venice Best Local Shops

How To Support Venice During Coronavirus Outbreak (Without Leaving Home) 4

P.S.: After all they've been through, local shops need massive support. There is nothing that we could do more than purchasing souvenirs and goods from original Venetian businesses. The owners of these shops are fighting since the beginning of the year, after suffering huge loss and now forced closures. We hope and prey that they will make it through this tough period. ©Video and Photo Credits: Video by Boris De Giovanni, Title Photo By Prontopia, Spritz Photo By Prontopia, Photo Of The Grand Canal by Karsten Wurth; Photo by Llanydd Lloyd on Unsplash


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