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What to Shop For in Venice

January 22nd, 2020 by Prontopia

Venice is a tourist destination that attracts millions of visitors every year. Given this incredibly high number of tourists, souvenirs shops expanded. Unfortunately, way too often these shops do not live up to the name of the city and, in fact, cheap and fake souvenirs are very easy to come across! We made this article about what to shop for in Venice so you can distinguish among the many shops and options.

Get local help from Prontopia while shopping for the best souvenirs to bring home!

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Look for authentic products at the local markets

Authentic products aren’t as numerous as they once were, but markets are still a place you should check out if you wish to find authentic products. Seasonal markets, like during Christmas or Carnival, for example, are a good source of local presents to bring home.

The market that you absolutely can't miss is the Rialto Market, where you could find gift spice packages to bring home and much much more.

Bring home a beautiful hand-made mask

Among ancient crafts, the work of mascarer (mask-maker) is one of the few that survived the longest and still lives today. The ability and passion carved in every piece is visible and there is no doubt when you find the best masks shops about the authenticity of the work.

We highly recommend taking the time to admire the artisans at work!

Invest in quality and design

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Although fridge-magnets are always a good option as souvenirs, Venice is mostly famous for other products, like textiles and beautiful designs.

The tradition is being kept alive by more than a few fine artisan boutiques, which are a must-see if you are looking for unique pieces of clothing and ornaments. You will leave your friends speechless when they will see what you brought back from your trip!

Rely on people who live in Venice to know the best shops in town

There is no one better to ask to than residents and people who live in the city to discover the loveliest hidden shops and boutiques, and this is what Prontopia did! Read the article with all the best tips for authentic gifts to bring home from Venice. Also, take a look at one of our favorite, Feelin' Venice!

We hope these few tips will help you have a better understanding of what to shop for in Venice, but if you need more information do not hesitate to contact us!

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