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An Artists' Family In Burano - La Buranella Art Shop

June 15th, 2020 by Prontopia

As part of Prontopia’s ongoing commitment to improve city life for both residents and travelers, we’re featuring artisans and shops in the cities we serve to showcase voices of the city across our favorite neighborhoods. We believe that supporting small, locally owned businesses creates a more vibrant life for residents and more authentic experiences for travelers, and we’re always available to help you find them!

At the entrance of the island of Burano, between the pier and the main calle, you are immediately greeted by the colorful paintings, photos and mosaics of the "La Buranella Art Shop". This small and lively workshop is not only home to beautiful works of art, but also to an eclectic family of artists with international features.

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Claude Monet said "Color is my daily obsession, my joy, my torment". The same phrase can describe the pictorial activity of the Carraro family. Speaking with Jordan Carraro, who manages the family business, all the dynamism and uniqueness of the artistic experience contained in the works of La Buranella emerge, like windows open onto vibrant and colorful landscapes of the soul. Discover the shop's online catalog.

How was La Buranella Art Shop born?

One could say that La Buranella has always existed, even when it did not have a physical space. It all started in France on the Atlantic island of Ile de Re, near La Rochelle. Here in the 80s my uncle found refuge (stage name - Canard) who opened the first painting workshop of the family inside an old bakery. Soon, my father joined him to learn the watercolor technique. At the time, I was just a baby.

In 1990 the whole family moved to Treviso, where we started working next to the master Paolo Di Stefano. He taught us all the crafts of our work, and thanks to him we learned to work with ceramics, to decorate with enamels, stuccos, woodworking, engraving and working with gold leaves. He was also the first to bring our works to Venice in the various galleries of San Marco and Rialto.

It was at this point that my father decided to take the license as a street painter in Burano, while I went back to attend my uncle's workshop in France. This time, I learned the acrylic technique that was little used at the time, if not in the Americas.

After the period in France, I went back to Italy and, with my father, we decided to open a studio in Burano.

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And that's when La Buranella was born, fatality of the case inside an old bakery again.

Initially, the space was just a laboratory and a warehouse. Our works were mainly showcased through fairs, markets and on consignment in Venetian galleries. With the construction of the new pier and the tourism policies of the island, La Buranella became a real shop.

An Artists Family In Burano - La Buranella Art Shop 2

Sure that the business was solid and independent, I left the island of Burano to move to Madrid. Here I attended a photography academy and pursued a master's degree in tourism economics. I open my first personal studio in La Coruña, also collaborating with the "Sabor a Mint" gallery in Santiago de Compostela.

Unfortunately, the 2006/2007 crisis hit Spain hard, so I decided to take over the business in Burano. At that precise moment, my sister who had just returned from a trip to Africa, undertook a master's degree in mosaic in the Orsoni Furnace in Venice and soon became a regular part of our business. And so to date.

How would you describe your work and style?

La Buranella produces watercolors, acrylics, glass mosaics, digital reproductions, photographic prints, but also deals with its components to carry out decoration works, frescoes, wall mosaics. We also organize several workshops to teach some of our techniques. Our supply chain does not rely on third parties for the production of any of our articles except for the frames, manufactured by a wood craftsman.

An Artists Family In Burano - La Buranella Art Shop 3

Our style recalls some characteristics of pop art and impressionism, sometimes naive and eccentric. The colors are always very bright and well defined as well as light and dark. The landscapes are inanimate and devoid of the human figure, almost always identified in an unreal perspective.

At Prontopia, we think there is no better artistic expression of the beauty and colors of Burano. Wether you're a visitor or a local, you really need to put La Buranella Art Shop on your must-visit list!

You can find La Buranella Art Shop on Facebook - Visit their profile.

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