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The Best Souvenirs from Rome

February 5th, 2020 by Prontopia

If your trip is almost over and you are wondering what to bring back home, keep reading and you will find some ideas on what the best souvenirs from Rome might be.

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The Best Souvenirs from Rome 0

What's better than food to remind you of your time in Rome?

Before hitting the airport, make sure you pack what really matters! Homemade pasta with delicious sauce has to be among the best souvenirs from Rome that you will be bringing back home. Castroni is famous for having everything one person can think of. There are many all over Rome, but the main one is in via Cola di Rienzo, right before the Vatican.

Don’t forget some truffle cream to spread on toasted bread or use to flavor your pasta. Spaghetti al tartufo is a combination you will have to try.

Sweet and savory jams to accompany the best cheese selection is also something to consider as one of the best souvenirs from Rome.


The Best Souvenirs from Rome 1

Wine in Italy is delicious, and it can also be quite cheap. It's a perfect idea as a souvenir from Rome.

Bring home some local wine, maybe from Castelli Romani, for those nostalgic nights when you will miss the Roman taste and vibes. 

Enoteca Costantini has an underground floor completely dedicated to wine. There are thousands of bottles that will make you feel overwhelmed. Expert salesmen will help you with your choice.


The Best Souvenirs from Rome 2

If you got used to the intense flavor of the Italian espresso, you have to bring back home a Bialetti moka. They come in any color and size. Drinking a real espresso back home will make you feel you are sitting in a Roman piazza all over again. 

This is definitely one of the best souvenirs from Rome!


When someone back home asks you where you got your gorgeous outfit, your answer will have to be Rome!

Italy is famous for its fashion, so when in Rome, don’t miss the chance to bring back some unique pieces of clothing as your best souvenirs from Rome pick!

The Monti neighborhood is famous for its peculiar and one-of-a-kind boutiques. The best place, however, to find interesting ideas and items is the Monti Urban Market. Every Saturday and Sunday morning (from 10am until 8pm) from June to September, what used to be a garage hosts dozen of stands of independent artists, artisans and stylists. 

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For the little ones

The Best Souvenirs from Rome 3

Bartolucci will leave your kids mesmerized. The historic toy store where everything is made of wood has as the main theme Pinocchio. A great idea for best souvenirs from Rome!

You will find the store between the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain. This is the perfect place to stop as you you’re your stroll in the center.

Pieces of Rome

Bring back a piece of Roman marble with your favorite quote (available even in Italian and Latin!).

The little shop in via di Margutta called Il Marmoraro will provide you with the best souvenir from Rome. The owner, a real Roman, will personalize for you a piece of marble to hang on your walls at home!

Street artists

The Best Souvenirs from Rome 4

All over the center you will find street artists selling paintings of the most remarkable places in Rome. Easy to carry – you can just roll them up to take as little space as possible in your suitcase and frame them once home – and beautiful to see, one of the best souvenirs from Rome without any doubts. 

And if you feel like posing, why not a portrait?

Various gadgets

Fridge magnets, mugs, bottle openers, aprons and oven mittens are just a few more ideas of little things that will remind you of a great trip. Perfect ideas for the best souvenirs from Rome as well.

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