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2020 Made in Italy Gift Guide

December 12th, 2020 by Prontopia

All of this year’s gifts have a theme of giving back to either local artisans, the environment or the community. Here’s our top picks per city, along with links to other gift guides from our friends around the world to give you even more options!

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Florence is world renowned for all things beautiful, so it’s no surprise that this guide is dripping in jewels and art!

2020 Made in Italy Gift Guide 0

Can’t decide between art, jewelry or bags? Well, Mio-Concept will make your decisions even more difficult with its one-stop-shop filled with original street art, handmade jewelry, environmentally conscious gifts, and much more! We especially love their Blub street art collection, a great gift for anyone that has had the pleasure of enjoying street art in Florence. 

Lady Ripple: Lovely necklaces, rings, bags and more- their business is based on making beautiful things while supporting both artists and the plight of the bees through their honey sales and distribution of organic bee seeds. From their web site: “Lady ripple is a strong advocate of the creative passion underlying small family businesses vis a vis our collaborations with them. We ripple forward a percentage of our sales to our environmental save the bee initiative: bee the ripple. It becomes a win-win situation for everyone.”

Marina Calamai: Unique pieces of jewelry, art and home goods from this Florentine artist and designer with an eye for the unusual and a commitment to supporting humans, nature and animals. If you’re stuck on what to buy for someone that loves Florence and loves art, consider her Think Green Artigiano t-shirt that supports the organization “te la do io un mano” (I give you a hand) supporting Italian artists in need of financial support during this time.

In addition, Florentines have strong commitment to the environment and changing the way we consume fashion in a place known for a rich history of silk, velvet and dyed wools. Rifo-Lab is a sustainable fashion brand from Tuscany that makes recycled cashmere sweaters and warm winter outwear like gloves, hats, scarves and ponchos. Rifò is a Tuscan dialect from the verb "rifare.” According their site, the name was chosen because it represents the locals and the way of speaking of the artisans who invented the recycling method of old clothes more than a hundred years ago: the so-called "Cenciaioli." Furthermore, Rifò, in italian "doing again" because we "rebuild" a traditional craft that was disappearing in recent years.


Like many Italian cities, Venice has been hit incredibly hard by the lack of tourism in 2020. To make matters worse, they were still just recovering from the November 2019 flood. Get fantastic gifts while helping Venetian artists at, created by our friend Marco Ziliotto, together with the association Behind Venice. Here you can find everything from venetian slippers and carnival masks to kids toys and art. 

Or pick up some Murano glass jewelry from local artists Il Lume di Vania and Perla Madre Design.

2020 Made in Italy Gift Guide 1


Love Naples? Love Pop art? Look no further than Roxy in the box- an amazing collection of cool, only-in-Naples pop art posters that can often be found in the street art around Naples. 

2020 Made in Italy Gift Guide 2

For more traditional Neapolitan gifts, check out the beautiful assortment of nativity scene figures handcrafted in Naples at Ferrigno. As with all things Napoli, you’ll find an ideal mix of the sacred and profane, celebrating humans, saints, angels and sinners. 


Rome is filled with artists large and small, and we’ve got great ideas for all!

With beautiful textiles, Calarisa designs everything from bags, keyrings, bracelets, masks to hair ties. Sara Paglia uses action painting into her design, transforming a real picture into a graphic and iconic image. She makes: shopper bags, T-shirts, mobile covers and graphic posters.

For luxurious treats, we love this candles, scarves and t-shirts from Corterno and handmade shoes from Le Scarpe di Marta.

2020 Made in Italy Gift Guide 3

If you can’t get enough Roman gifts, check out this fabulous gift guide by Emma Writes Rome! Emma does an amazing job of pulling together gifts for art fans and travelers, with gifts that can be shipped or completely delivered online. Grazie Emma! 

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