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How To Get From Santa Barbara to LA Airport

October 20th, 2020 by Ava Jakubowski

Part of what makes Santa Barbara special is that it’s quiet, quaint, and far enough away from LA to avoid massive traffic. But while we love our quaint Santa Barbara Airport, there’s just no avoiding the fact that you still need to get to LAX for most cross-country flights. Getting from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles in time for a flight - with or without a car- can seem daunting, but there are many options to make sure you catch your flight on time without stress.

How To Get From Santa Barbara to LA Airport 0

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The easiest way to get to LAX from Santa Barbara is via shuttle service that drops travelers at the airport. This shuttle normally takes about 2.5 hours and costs 40 dollars on average. More information can be found on the  Santa Barbara Airbus site here: Rules change continually with COVID so be sure to triple check they are running before your flight!

Chartered Bus 

If you have a large group traveling together, you may want to consider chartering a bus to keep your group together and avoid everyone driving separately. Airbus also provides chartered buses, and you could also try chartering a private bus if you have a large group, which be even better during these times.


Why not go the old-fashioned way and take the train to LAX?  This method of travel does take a bit longer, up to four hours on certain trips and often involves transfers, but the views of the coastline and relaxed atmosphere can be worth it. The train costs about 40 to 50 dollars and more information can be found at the Santa Barbara Amtrak site here:  

Whichever method you take to leave Santa Barbara, we hope to see you back here soon! And remember, whether you’re living in Santa Barbara and need an extra hand, or plan to visit our beautiful city, Prontopia local assistants are here to help you!

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