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Prontopia expands services and offers special pricing during COVID-19 crisis

April 21st, 2020 by Prontopia

April 21, 2020 - Santa Barbara, CA - Prontopia, an online service that provides in-person help when you need it, announced today their new errand services are now available in Italy in Venice, Florence, Rome, as well as Santa Barbara, California where the company is headquartered. During the COVID-19 crisis, Prontopia is offering free services such as grocery shopping, pharmacy pick-ups and dog walking, to people over 65 or with chronic illnesses. New customers that don’t qualify for the free service are automatically eligible for a 20 USD/euro credit to try the service for free, and an additional bonus for each person they refer to Prontopia.

Originally designed to help travelers with finding their vacation rental, navigating city centers on foot or translating their needs into the local language, Prontopia was born out of founder Shannon Kenny’s own experience navigating Rome when she was newly living there and often struggled to find basic help. When the pandemic hit, Prontopia was able to pivot and tap into its already established network of trusted “local assistants” in order to offer services for people that were stuck inside as a result of the quarantine. 

“We had always planned to expand our services from travelers to residents, with the bigger vision of being a platform for ‘people helping people’, but we didn’t expect to do that until early next year,” said Founder Shannon Kenny. “I’ve been so impressed and touched by the willingness of our local assistants to make this shift so quickly, and I’m so happy that we can continue to provide work during a time when many travel-related services are shut down.”

All services are performed while adhering to the highest sanitary standards in cooperation with local governments to ensure local regulations are followed. The company will continue to provide services to travelers and residents, and plans to expand to San Francisco, New York and Paris later this year.

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About Prontopia

The Prontopia app connects travelers with English-speaking locals in Venice, Florence and Rome for trusted, in-person assistance that can be requested on demand for immediate help, or pre-scheduled. Prontopia provides assistance with getting around the city, arriving at your hotel or apartment without delay, locating a place to store your luggage, understanding local trains, metros, ferries, buses and other transit, translating your needs at the pharmacy or hospital, finding the best route to a must-see sight, restaurant or local activity, and avoiding unsafe common traveler mistakes.

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Phone: +1 888 600 7565

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Prontopia is an online service that provides friendly, in-person help from pre-vetted local assistants in city centers in Italy, Spain and the U.S.

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