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Prontopia Launches Partnership with Livitaly Tours

December 13th, 2019 by Prontopia

Travelers now have access to in-person help from Prontopia local assistants with getting around the city easily in the moments in between their private Italy guided tours from sustainable travel tour operator Livitaly.

March 25, 2019 – Santa Barbara, CA – Prontopia announces a new partnership with Italy sustainable travel tour company Livitaly Tours to provide Livitaly customers with direct access to safe and simple concierge help in Venice, Florence, and Rome, when arriving, departing, or in between their Livitaly guided tours. The partnership offers solutions to all the needs customers have during their trip from the moment of arrival, providing for a seamless and special local experience.

LivItaly Tours is a family owned tour company that offers 150+ tours throughout Italy, with expert guides who help travelers absorb the culture, beauty, flavors and excitement of Italy. They offer private and small group tours (6 people max) with skip-the-line access and exclusive entrance to some of Italy’s most important sites.

“We want to ensure we are offering our customers solutions that provide them with the best experience of Italy throughout their journey,” says Livitaly co-founder Angelo Carotenuto.” Our partnership with Prontopia provides a solution for getting around the city easily, and when customers are relaxed and oriented, they enjoy our private guided tours even more!” Livitaly’s itineraries and tours provide travelers with unique ways to experience firsthand what it means to “Live” Italy. Livitaly shares the same values as Prontopia in the community focus of their company, and their appreciation of the importance of cultivating relationships between locals and travelers.

The Prontopia app connects travelers with vetted on-demand locals who arrive by foot to provide expert assistance any time the need arises. The locals on the Prontopia app know the best way to get to city lodging and meeting points, or to a departure point on time when door-to-door by car is not an option. Using Prontopia takes the stress out of transitional moments in travel when a smile and knowledgeable support from a Local, as if you are met by a long lost cousin, make all the difference. The service is available today in Venice, Florence, and Rome, Italy. Travelers can now enjoy the peace of mind of using Prontopia to get to and from their tour meeting points easily, or to arrive point-to-point in walkable cities with in-person assistance from a Prontopia Local.

Livitaly’s mission to give travelers an authentic travel experience, while respecting and supporting the livelihood of local communities, has synergy with the Prontopia app’s purpose to connect travelers with locals in a meaningful way for in-person help with logistics to create a sense of mutual respect and global citizenship.

“As the in-trip experiences market grows, it becomes increasingly important to support sustainable travel practices that help conserve local life and culture. We are pleased to partner with Livitaly to provide a combination of the perfect solutions for travelers to Venice, Florence, and Rome during their stay,” says Shannon Kenny, Founder and CEO of Prontopia.

Prontopia’s partnerships with lodging and tour operators are generating more bookings and better reviews for their clients, and helping partners in tourism to focus on doing what they do best by recommending Prontopia as a useful in-trip solution for everything else in between. A recent case study indicated that Prontopia customers book additional tours, and make more off-the-beaten path booking choices, when they have the comfort of knowing they can get to their meeting points easily and stress free with help from a Prontopia Local.

About Prontopia

Founded in 2017, the Prontopia app connects travelers with English-speaking locals in Venice, Florence and Rome for trusted, in-person assistance that can be requested on demand for immediate help, or pre-scheduled. Prontopia provides in-person assistance with getting around the city, arriving at your hotel or apartment without delay, locating a place to store your luggage, understanding local trains, metros, ferries, buses and other transit, translating your needs at the pharmacy or hospital, Finding the best route to a must-see sight, restaurant or local activity, and avoiding unsafe common traveler mistakes.

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About Livitaly Tours

LivItaly Tours is a family-owned company dedicated to making travelers’ visit to Italy a “living” experience. Founders Angelo and Kristin want their clients to completely absorb the culture, beauty, flavors and excitement of Italy. Livitaly offers both private and small group tours (maximum 6 people) that can be designed and customized to ensure that travelers have an unforgettable time in Italy.

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