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Prontopia launches crowdfunding campaign to expand services to New York City

May 12th, 2020 by Prontopia

May 12, 2020 - Santa Barbara, CA - Prontopia, a community that provides in-person help when you need it, announced today a crowdfunding campaign to expand Prontopia’s services to New York City via IFundWomen.

The crowd-funding campaign will allow Prontopia to build a community in New York City to help residents with everyday essentials such as grocery shopping, pharmacy visits and simple home needs, with a particular focus on senior residents affected by the city limitations of the COVID-19 pandemic. The online service connects people with pre-vetted, trusted individuals that provide simple services at affordable, pay-as-you-go rates.

Originally focused on helping travelers in Italy, the company accelerated plans to provide services for residents when quarantine measures were put in place across Italy and residents were suddenly unable to leave their homes. Prontopia’s community of local assistants helped with everything from food delivery and pharmacy runs to dog walking and light tech support, all following the strict regulations enforced by the Italian government. As the crisis hit the United States just a few weeks later, Prontopia launched in Santa Barbara, California where the company is headquartered. In just 4 weeks since launching Santa Barbara, the company has had numerous requests to provide services in New York, where many still find themselves stuck at home due to health concerns among the COVID crisis.

“The stay-at-home measures around the world really highlighted the lack of support available for some of our most vulnerable residents that are often left behind by technology,” said Shannon Kenny, Founder of Prontopia. “Technology that disregards human needs is weak. Building community, embracing our common humanity, and creating technology solutions that benefit all of us is powerful.”

The crowdfunding campaign launches on May 12 and offers packages for people that want to take advantage of regularly scheduled help with errands for themselves or their loved ones. To learn more, visit the campaign at IFundWomen.

About Prontopia: 

Prontopia is an online service that provides friendly, in-person help for both travelers and residents in city centers in Italy, Spain and the U.S. Prontopia is a public benefit corporation focused on fostering human connection and empathy around the globe to drive Sustainable Development Goals of providing decent work and economic growth, creating sustainable cities and communities, and encouraging responsible consumption and production.

About IFundWomen:

IFundWomen is a startup funding platform providing access to capital through crowdfunding and grants, expert business coaching on all the topics entrepreneurs need to know about, and a network of women business owners that sparks confidence, accelerates knowledge, and ignites action.


Prontopia is an online service that provides friendly, in-person help from pre-vetted local assistants in city centers in Italy, Spain and the U.S.

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