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Prontopia Announces Partnership with Stasher

January 13th, 2020 by Prontopia

Travelers can now enjoy the city from the moment they arrive, with in-person help from Prontopia local assistants getting where they need to go, and the freedom that comes from safely storing your luggage to roam the city hands-free.

January 3, 2020Santa Barbara, CA – International luggage storage service Stasher is partnering with California travel tech company Prontopia to help ensure travelers can enjoy the city from the moment they arrive. Stasher’s mission is to help travelers enjoy their time hands-free, without being weighed down by heavy bags. By connecting travelers with simple, in-person concierge support from Prontopia, Stasher provides a full range of solutions to travelers who are looking to eliminate stress for the best travel experience.

Stasher is a simple luggage storage service available across 6 continents, in over 1,000 locations.   . Travelers don’t have to be weighed down with luggage while they wait for their accommodations’ check-in. With Stasher, you can book on-demand and safely store your luggage, allowing travelers to drop their bags and simply enjoy the city. 

Prontopia connects travelers with vetted locals who arrive by foot on-demand to provide expert assistance at any time. Prontopia Locals know their city like the back of their, and can easily guide travelers to their lodging, tour meeting points, or departure points. They will go with you on public transportation or on foot to ensure you get where you need to go. Using Prontopia takes the stress out of transitional moments by connecting travelers with a friend who can provide simple help in the city. The service is available in Venice, Florence, Rome, and Naples, Italy, as well as in Barcelona, Spain.

Prontopia’s partnerships with service operators like Stasher generate more bookings and better reviews, as clients are able to receive in-person, friendly help finding meeting points by using Prontopia. Partners of Prontopia can further excel at what they do by using Prontopia as an in-trip solution and an extension of the customer service. Current customer data indicates that Prontopia customers make more off-the-beaten path and sustainable booking choices when they have the comfort of knowing they can get to their arrival and departure points easily and stress free with help from a Prontopia Local. By saving time and money avoiding common traveler mistakes, Prontopia customers enjoy the full experience of their time in the city.

About Prontopia

Prontopia connects travelers with English-speaking locals in Venice, Florence, Rome, and Barcelona for trusted, in-person assistance that can be requested on demand for immediate help, or pre-scheduled. Prontopia provides assistance with getting around the city, arriving at your hotel or apartment without delay, locating a place to store your luggage, understanding local trains, metros, ferries, buses and other transit, translating your needs at the pharmacy or hospital, finding the best route to a must-see sight, restaurant or local activity, and avoiding unsafe common traveler mistakes.

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Shannon Kenny, CEO


Phone +1 888 600 7565

About Stasher

Stasher offers a convenient, safe, and affordable way to store your luggage while you travel so that you can enjoy the journey. Stasher is the world’s first luggage storage network that connects you with hotels and stores that can keep your luggage safe. With award-winning customer support, no need for cash due to online on-demand booking, and no size restrictions, Stasher provides the perfect in-trip solution to help you enjoy your travels. Each item left at a StashPoint is insured against damage, loss and theft up to the value of £1000. Stasher’s insurance is provided by GUARDHOG.

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Joel Sanders, PR & Marketing Associate



Prontopia is an online service that provides friendly, in-person help from pre-vetted local assistants in city centers in Italy, Spain and the U.S.

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