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Prontopia Announces Partnership with Keesy

December 13th, 2019 by Prontopia

Travelers now have access to all the solutions they need for a stress-free arrival or departure from their holiday rental by combining the easy digital check-in experience offered by Keesy with in-person help from Prontopia local assistants getting point-to-point in walkable city centers.

July 5, 2019 – Santa Barbara, CA –Florence, Italy, hospitality startup Keesy is partnering with California travel tech startup Prontopia to offer the best services available for streamlining holiday rental guests arrival and departure experiences. Through its web platform and app, Keesy provides hosts with a solution for managing their short-term rental property remotely, including automated online check-in and property access either using Smart Access keyless entry, or by picking up physical keys at a nearby Keesy Point, a collection point accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, where it is also possible to complete administrative check-in requirements such as payments, contract signing, and city tax. By connecting guests with direct access to safe and simple help from Prontopia, Keesy hosts provide further value to travelers who appreciate a service that ensures a stress-free arrival or departure, and access to in-person concierge help during their stay.

According to Patrizio Donnini, Founder and CEO of Keesy, “Our partnership with Prontopia provides us with additional solutions to help save hosts time and money by ensuring their guests arrive and depart easily. Keesy helps hosts to avoid common costly problems such as waiting at meeting points for delayed periods of time to give clients their keys. For those travelers who may not be comfortable with an entirely digital arrival process, Prontopia is a value add on the Keesy platform as an easy way to book friendly in-person help getting from point to point.”

The Prontopia app connects travelers with vetted on-demand locals who arrive by foot to provide expert assistance any time the need arises. The locals on the Prontopia app know the best way to get to city lodging and meeting points, or to a departure point on time when door-to-door by car is not an option, or simply when walking or public transportation are better choices. Using Prontopia takes the stress out of transitional moments in travel when a smile and knowledgeable support from a Local, make all the difference. The service is available today in Venice, Florence, and Rome, Italy. Travelers can now enjoy the peace of mind of using Prontopia to get around in unfamiliar cities easily.

Keesy was created to make it easy for tourists staying in B&Bs or holiday apartments to save time through technology that simplifies the check-in process. The Keesy solutions likewise help hosts save time and money by automating the reservation and guest registration requirements. Hosts have the option of using either keyless automated entry, or the Keesy Point key boxes as a convenient solution for simplifying key exchange between host and traveler. The Keesy app and web portal also provide essential information that help travelers upon arrival.

“At Prontopia, we troubleshoot frequently with travelers who are frustrated feeling lost or stranded when their lodging check-in instructions fail them. Vacation rental industry data shows that problems with getting lost while trying to find a property in walkable city centers such as Florence, Venice, and Rome, or concerns about the unfamiliarity of apartment entrances can have an adverse effect on property reviews,” says Shannon Kenny, Founder and CEO of Prontopia. “We are very pleased to partner with Keesy to provide complementary real-time solutions that bridge the needs of hosts and travelers.”

Prontopia’s partnerships with lodging and tour operators are generating more bookings and better reviews for their clients, and helping partners in tourism to focus on doing what they do best by recommending Prontopia as a useful in-trip solution for everything else in between. Current customer data indicate that travelers who use Prontopia make more off-the-beaten path and sustainable booking choices when they have the comfort of knowing they can get to their arrival and departure points easily and stress free with help from a Prontopia Local. By saving time and money avoiding common traveler mistakes, travelers using Keesy and Prontopia in combination can maximize their holiday time to enjoy the full experience of these magnificent Italy destinations.

About Prontopia

The Prontopia app connects travelers with English-speaking locals in Venice, Florence and Rome for trusted, in-person assistance that can be requested on demand for immediate help, or pre-scheduled. Prontopia provides assistance with getting around the city, arriving at your hotel or apartment without delay, locating a place to store your luggage, understanding local trains, metros, ferries, buses and other transit, translating your needs at the pharmacy or hospital, finding the best route to a must-see sight, restaurant or local activity, and avoiding unsafe common traveler mistakes.

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Phone: +1 888 600 7565

About Keesy

Keesy is an Italian startup in the homesharing digital services sector offering the first service for self check-in and self check-out that is completely automated and available 24/7 for apartments, vacation homes, and B&Bs. Launched in May 2017 in Florence by Founder and CEO Patrizio Donnini, who saw the need for better solutions to facilitate hosts management of guests’ needs from the moment of arrival to their departure, along with the management of the bureaucratic requirements hosts face, such as payment of the city tax and submission of passport details to the government. Keesy is an innovative solution for the alternative accommodations market due to a business model that provides digital solutions for the host to manage the welcome of their guests more efficiently and optimize the experience for all.

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Valeria Paolini, PR


Phone: +39 0556531984


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