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Vineyards Near Naples, Italy

May 1st, 2020 by Prontopia

If you’re at all interested in wine, you should know about the quality product that comes out of Naples, Italy. The ideal climate and thousands of years of cultivation have made Italy the leader in wine output, and many of the best vineyards in the nation can be found around Naples. These are some of the most important Naples-adjacent vineyards.

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The Campania Difference

A better climate means better grapes, which means better wine. Wine produced in Campania, the region containing Naples, is so lauded because of how high-quality their key ingredients are. Of course, the grapes don’t just turn into wine by chance. It takes the dedication of people who have devoted their lives to a proud Italian legacy.


The Alois family has made a name for themselves in Italy as far back as the 16th century, and they were first known for working with silk and other fine materials. However, in 1992, they decided to see what they could do with wine. As it turned out, quite a lot. Alois wines are bursting with flavor and aroma. Visiting their vineyard in Caserta won’t just let you taste their wines at their freshest. It’ll also let you enjoy the Italian scenery and your company all the more.

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Le Vigne di Raito

The Mediterranean beauty of the Amalfi Coast is best when you get a clear view of the landscape. There are many advantages to coming to Le Vigne di Raito, including their wonderful wines and helpful staff members, but we think the best reason to come to this Vietri sul Mare destination, if you only have time to visit one vineyard, is the view. You can also enjoy a great dinner to pair with your wine.

Sorrentino Vini

Rated by TripAdvisor as the best thing to do in the municipality of Boscotrecase, Sorrentino Vini is a very special vineyard. Originating in the 19th century, it’s now run by internationally-acclaimed filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino and his wife, Angela. Located on soil that has been enriched by the eruptions of Mount Vesuvius, Sorrentino Vini wines are as magical as the surrounding Sorrento Peninsula. Sampling the products inside the charming but sizable farmhouse lets you really see what all the fuss is about Italian wines.

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Generational pride can be found in many Campanian wineries. The Mastroberardino one, based in Atripalda, has been kept in the family since its founding in 1878. Grapes that were facing extinction have been preserved and turned into something spectacular thanks to their concentrated efforts. More than 100 acres of vineyards owned by Mastroberardinos can be found throughout Campania. They’ve also helped bring people even further back when it comes to understanding the importance of wine in Italy’s heritage. In 1996, they were commissioned by the government to make wine that would replicate the formulas used by Ancient Romans in Pompeii.  When the country of Italy puts that much faith into your wine expertise, you know this isn’t just a job - it’s a calling,


The wines made at Donnachiara, a vineyard located in Montefalcione, have such a precise, unique taste that you have to figure they have an equally-precise process. In fact, they extract less than 50 percent of a grape’s juices for their wines. Being prudent with their source doesn’t mean they’re stingy with their flavors. Visiting this vineyard also lets you see how sustainability and wine-making can coexist, as Donnachiara uses environmentally-friendly means like solar power and reusing water for their operations.

These Neopolitan vineyards indulge all of your senses from sight to taste to the sound of nature as it whirrs around you. Your interest in wine might be limited to drinking it, but seeing how the finest wine in the world is made is too good of an experience to pass up on. 

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Photo by Sven Wilhelm on Unsplash


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