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Top Tips for How to Get Around in Venice

December 13th, 2019 by Prontopia

Venice can be hard to navigate. Therefore we want to help you to not only get around Venice, but also do it in a local, authentic, and not touristy way as we think Venice is a beautiful yet fragile city, that needs the help of its visitors to remain in its splendor. Therefore here there are our 10 top tips for how to get around in Venice.

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Remember always to visit Venice respectfully

This is more than a tip, it’s a must. Venice is a fragile and beautiful city and needs the help of both its inhabitants and travelers to keep it as beautiful as it is. Have a look on our previous post on how you can visit Venice respectfully.

Use the vaporetto only if you strictly need it

A one-way vaporetto ticket has a jaw dropping price of 7,50 euros. It last for 75’ but is still very much! Therefore our tip is to take the vaporetto only when you absolutely need it. It's also important to know that water taxis can be very expensive. Venice is a great city to explore by foot: you will strictly need to take the vaporetto only if you go to the islands. If you do, be sure you buy the Venice city pass or at least the 24h ACTV ticket.

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Have a Prontopia Local to help you to get around the city

The best way to get around Venice is with a Local, and that’s why we recommend to book or request on-demand your Prontopia local assistant in order to have the best have tips and recommendations about the city and to go around easy and stress free.

Never eat in a restaurant with the pictures of the food displayed outside

Oldie but goldie rule for Venice: if a restaurant has the pictures of the dishes or food outside, or if there is a waiter that asks you insistently to dine there, it’s 99% a tourist trap. I would rather say that probably the best restaurants in Venice don’t have a menu at all, like Da Cri Cri e Tendina in Lido, but they are quite rare nowadays. Trust always your instinct but avoid places with food pictures.

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For a cheap and good glass of house wine ask “un’ombra di vino”

Who said drinking in Venice is expensive? The typical drink that all the venetians, especially the old ones, drink is ‘ombra di vino’ which could be white or red (bianco or rosso): it’s a small glass of house wine that usually cost 1 or 2 euros. It’s a Veneto region wine, usually pinot grigio or cabernet, and it’s a great way to drink typical without spend a fortune. You can have it any osteria in any sestiere of Venezia.

Learn the best ways to arrive in Venice

Whether you're coming to Venice from Rome or Florence, by train or by plane - learn how best to arrive in Venice without getting lost. We have our best tips here.

Don’t buy crafts from the 1 euros shops if you want authentic Venetian stuff

Real Murano glass crafts are a precious and special for the city traditional and local economy, therefore the ‘all 1 euros’ shops that sell glass crafts are definitely to avoid as they are not authentic. Go to Murano itself or buy something small but made with real Murano glass if you want to keep the budget. We also recommend to buy only original hand made masks, like the ones you can find at Ca’Macana.

Store your luggage easily so you can enjoy the city

Walking around with luggage when you arrive is a challenge no matter what city you're in. But in Venice, especially, in can be exhausting to carry around luggage through the canals when you're waiting for your hotel check-in or once you've checked out. Store your luggage easily in the city while you spend your day exploring with our helpful tips on how to store your luggage in Venice.

You can get from one side of the canal to the other side with a gondola for 2 euros

Again, who said that you need to spend a fortune to have a gondola ride? With only 2 euros you can have a 5 minutes ride at one of the traghetto stops. Find out where they are and how to get one on our previous blog post.

Find a free wifi spots in the city

Believe it or not, Venice is not the most wifi-friendly city in the world, therefore find a good internet connection it could be difficult. Fortunately we compiled for you a guide of where to find  wifi spots in Venice!

Make the most of your trip with Venice's best discount cards

Venice can get expensive, but it doesn't have to be if you get the right discount cards! Venice has cards that will get you discounts for visiting churches, taking the vaporetto, eating at restaurants, and more. Learn how to get discount cards in Venice.

Learn How to Read Addresses in Venice

Addresses in Venice work a little differently than they do elsewhere, because Venice is divided into different sections, (or sestieres). Learn how to find your address in Venice here.

Top Tips for How to Get Around in Venice 2

Use one of the Venice travel apps to move around the city

Prontopia is a great way to get around the city, but there are many other apps for your smartphone that could help you tremendously during your trip here. From CheBateo to get the right times of the water busses, till KiShare, an app that will help you to cut the costs of your water taxi or gondola ride,  there are plenty to use. We have listed all in one spot, here.

Read our Venice Local Travel Guide

If you think this are too many information for you all in once, we suggest you to download our Venice Local Travel Guide: an all-in of info and tips, coming directly from our locals, that will help you navigate tremendously in Venice. Download it here.


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