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Parking in Naples, Italy

May 15th, 2020 by Prontopia

There are lots of logistics you need to keep in mind when planning for a vacation, especially if you’re going to be renting a car. While public transportation in Naples, Italy, is very good, especially with the different train lines, you might want to get a car for many astute reasons, such as being able to easily go to smaller towns for a day trip and get back. 

A hard thing is finding out where to put your rental car when you’re not using it. There are parking spots in Naples, but you need to know where and when to find them. Don’t stress yourself out by not planning well in advance.

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Free Parking Options

Finding parking in Naples can be tough, but it’s doable. Things get a lot harder when you’re looking for free parking. You shouldn’t be “free parking” or bust, but you should recognize a money-saving opportunity when you can.

You’ll see free spots marked by white lines. These are primarily in the heart of the city and have a lot of competition among drivers. You don’t want to waste your time or your fuel hunting desperately for a free parking spot. If you can afford to rent a car, you can afford to pay for parking.

Another caveat of free parking is that you might be asked to pay up by people who take advantage of tourists and their unfamiliarity. They’ll pretend to be attendants and ask you for money. Don’t risk your safety by getting into an argument or asking for their credentials. Keep some cash on hand in case this happens.

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Lots and Garages

If you know you’ve given it your all in terms of trying to find a free spot, it’s time to look into parking lots. There are a lot more spaces in Naples than you might realize, and the prices can be pretty reasonable. You can avoid the stress of having to drive through Naples traffic and not finding yourself in a ‘ZTL,’ which is an area restricted for tourist motorists. 

Some lots/garages can be pretty expensive, but others can cost less than 10 euros a day. You can also find ones that let you book your space online. Try to do this to ease your mind as much as possible when it’s time to get to Naples. 

One of the best options for parking is the Parcheggio Brin, which is located in Downtown Naples, only costs 10 euros per 24-hour period, and has 800 spots. Even if you don’t reserve your spot, there’s a good chance you’ll find one. Still, planning ahead is always the best strategy.

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Parking Outside of the City

Should you have some bad luck with finding parking, you don’t just have to leave your car by the Gulf of Naples (we can’t even begin to tell you how much trouble that would cause you). You can rent a car and go to Naples without actually bringing your car to Naples.

If you’re coming from or traveling to other cities in Italy, you can keep your car at the Naples Airport. This will cost 10 euros a day, and you’ll need to take the shuttle or hire a taxi.

ANM lots can be found in the neighboring suburbs, such as Ponticelli. These give you ready access to public transportation that brings you into the city. Be sure you know the operating hours, as many of these don’t allow parking past daytime hours.

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Keep yourself accountable for vacation success, especially by knowing the rules and expectations when parking in Naples. Being a good driver means obeying laws wherever you go and understanding the customs with total comprehension. 

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