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How to Get from Capri Italy to Naples

April 1st, 2020 by Prontopia

There’s lots of ways to get around Italy. However, if you want to get from the island of Capri, on the Gulf of Naples’ southern section, to the city of Naples itself, you’ll need to take a boat. This is a case where making the voyage is just as pleasurable as reaching the destination. Here's how to get from Capri Italy to Naples!

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Ferry Service from Capri Italy to Naples

Three different ferry companies offer service between Capri and Naples: Caremar, SNAV, and NLG. These are of varying speeds. Caremar offers both ferries and slow ferries, while SNAV and NLG offer high-speed ferries.

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Ride Lengths

While the slow and regular ferries take longer than the high-speed ones, the length is not so great that travel will consume your whole day. The high-speed ferry ride lasts approximately 50 minutes, and the slow and regular ferries last one hour and 85 minutes, respectively. 


With shortened trip times comes increased prices. The slow ferry costs the least, while the high-speed one costs the most. Be sure to check the schedule for the week, as departure times can vary.

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Misc. Tips for Getting from Capri Italy to Naples

Your ferry ride can best be enjoyed by planning ahead. Your ferry of choice, or a ferry at all, might not be able, depending on how the weather and the water is behaving. Look over the forecast carefully and see if you should buy your tickets or not. The tourist-heavy summer time can also lead to a crowded ferry, so be sure to take care of your belongings and be respectful to your fellow passengers. 

Photo Credit: Flickr, Samuel C. on Unsplash


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