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How to Get Around Naples

February 25th, 2020 by Prontopia

How to get around Naples can be confusing, especially for first-time visitors. As a matter of fact, the city public transport system is quite fragmented to make sense of and the transport options are numerous. Naples, in fact, has buses, trams, metro, funicular railway... To make it even more daunting, they are operated by several different companies regulated by a single organization called Unico Campania that works in the whole region.

Here we are to clarify Naples' mumble-jumble and show you how to get around in Naples! But first why don't you book a Prontopia local assistant for in-person help in Naples?

Getting Around on Foot

Before talking about the transport system, we think we should talk about the more immersive - and not-polluting - option: getting around Naples on foot. In fact, among the streets packed with cars and scooters, here hides the heart of Naples. What you'll discover walking in the incredible maze is the reality of the city within the city. It may feel overwhelming at first with so much to see and explore, but walking around Naples is certainly the best way to enjoy the truest Neapolitan atmosphere.

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One element that you will encounter everywhere in Naples: steps. Steep steps, regular steps, elegant stairways that open between the alleys of the historic center; this is the constant throughout the city. They connect neighborhoods, churches and central areas. Thousands of steps that act as a stage for daily life.

Going through them is like observing a faithful cross-section of the history and customs of Naples. Abandon the classic tourist itineraries and launch yourself in continuous ups and downs between its stairs! Pack a comfortable pair of shoes and get ready to look at Naples with different eyes: book with Prontopia for in-person local assistance and get in touch with the heart of the city.

Getting Around with Public Transportation

One thing must be said before continuing: Naples historic and touristic area is rather compact. Take into account that the few times you will use local transport will be just for short journeys.

As we mentioned before, the public transport system of Naples is operated by more companies, mainly ANM and EAV. So what tickets should a visitor buy? The one-way ticket (biglietto unico) costs € 1,50 and lasts 90 minutes. It is valid for one trip, on one means of urban ANM services (buses, trolley buses, trams, metro and funiculars) within the urban area of the Municipality of Naples.

The TIC ticket lasts 90 minutes from the first validation and grant access to an unlimited number of buses, trolleybus and tram rides of any company and only one ride on each of these railway lines within the city:

– Metropo Line 1 (ANM) – Metro Line 2 (Trenitalia) – Funicular railway di Chiaia (ANM) – Funicular railway Centrale (ANM) – Funicular railway Mergellina (ANM) – Funicular railway Montesanto (ANM) – Cumana (EAV) – Circumflegrea (EAV) – Circumvesuviana (EAV)

Note: if you have a vision of a tourist like experience for the funicular, with great vistas of the city as you ascend, think again - most of the journey is through underground tunnels

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Daily Pass

If you wish to get around without having to think about buying tickets each time, daily passes are the choice for you. Let's what deals you can get for Naples transport tickets:

Hourly ticket - costs € 1.50 and lasts 90 minutes from the moment the ticket is validated; Day ticket - costs € 4.50 and lasts until midnight on the day the ticket is validated; Weekly ticket - costs € 15.80 and lasts until midnight on the last day of the week of validity; Monthly ticket - costs costs € 42.00 and lasts until midnight on the last day of the month of validity.

Getting Around by Car

Getting around Naples with a car can be a real challenge. Of course you get to enjoy your own schedules and can easily travel from the city to the surroundings areas, but there are more than a few troubles that will arise after getting into Naples by car. Traffic, pollution, non-stop honking, freedom at following the rules will make for a very bad driving nightmare.

Our suggestion is to leave the car at the hotel parking or at any parking spot, if you don't have one, and forget about it until you really need it for day trips or get back from Naples.

Getting Around by Taxi

Another option to get around the city center is the taxi. This is actually quite economical compared to other Italian cities, especially if you are two or more people. However, if you are getting picked up at the airport, you have to be prepared to state clearly what you are looking for to the driver, otherwise the cost could change and increase tragically: in fact, the fares to/from the airport to each destination in the city are usually fixed and all-inclusive. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO ASK FOR “TARIFFA PREDETERMINATA”. You should be able to check the fixed-rate prices online here.

Do not underestimate this information: you need to tell the driver you want it (tariffa predeterminate) before the trip begins! If you forget saying it, the driver will start the taxi counter and you will get charged by the mile.


One of the best things about Naples is its proximity to places like Herculaneum, Pompei or Sorrento. And from Naples you can get there in a super convenient way: in fact, there is a train that leaves from the central railway station of Garibaldi. It is called "Circumvesuviana". Tickets can be bought at the entrance and the price is only 2 to 3 euros, depending on where you go. It takes 20 minutes to go to Herculaneum, 40 minutes to Pompeii and 1 hour to Sorrento.

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