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How to Get from the Train Station to Venice City Center

December 13th, 2019 by Prontopia

There are three transportation options for getting from the train station to Venice following your arrival in Venice at the Santa Lucia train station.  Below are our tips for how to get from the train station to Venice City Center.To enjoy a stress-free arrival with any of the below options, we recommend signing up for Prontopia so that you can request a helpful Local to assist you with getting where you need to go easily.

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Local Tip: It is important to note that there is also the Mestre train station, but the Santa Lucia station is closer and more convenient to Venice center.

How to Get from the Train Station to Venice City Center 0

How to Get from the Train Station to Venice City Center

1. The public water bus, called vaporetto, stops all along the Grand Canal and runs different lines according to your route. The line you will likely be taking from the mainland will be Number 2. From either arrival point, you will walk out to the dock, where you will see the water bus depot and ticket office. A single one-way ticket is 7,50 euro for one passenger with one piece of luggage, and there is a 6 euro supplement for an extra bag. A single one-way ticket is good for 1 hour from the time that you validate it at the dock (don’t forget to validate your ticket as you enter the dock after purchasing your ticket). If you plan to use the vaporetto throughout your stay in Venice, you should consider purchasing a 1-3-day unlimited pass as this will save you quite a bit in terms of cost, with pricing of 20, 30, or 40 euro, and discounted 3-day youth passes available for ages 14-29 at a price of 20 euro. The trip takes about 45 minutes. It will be important to consider the distance and the terrain (in terms of stairs, especially) to walk from the vaporetto stop on the Grand Canal to your hotel or apartment rental.

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2. Another option for getting from the train station to Venice is a private water taxi. Private water taxis can be booked in advance, or arranged when you arrive at the transport desk of the taxi stand on the dock immediately outside the station and slightly to the left of the first vaporetto stop. Water taxis can navigate the smaller inner canals and therefore in some cases take you closer to your destination, for example, to a hotel with a small dock on one of Venice’s inner canals, but they are significantly more expensive than public transportation. A water taxi from the train station costs about 80-100 euro. The maximum number of passengers is typically 5 people. The benefits of taking a water taxi are that they will get you over to the city center faster than the vaporetto, and they can navigate the inner canals, so whereas if you take the shuttles your only option is to disembark at the stops along the Grand Canal. However, it is important to weigh this carefully against the lower cost of the vaporetto, which is a more ecological and economic choice as high levels of motorboat traffic in Venice’s inner canals are damaging to the fragile ecology of the canal system.

3. Walking can be one of the most convenient options for getting to Venice city center from the train station if your lodging is within 10-20 minutes walk. If your lodging is walking distance, choosing to walk is also a respectful choice in Venice as you are minimizing crowds on the vaporetto and pollution from the private water taxi boats. It can be difficult to navigate the streets of Venice and GPS is not always so accurate. Requesting a Prontopia Local to help you with how to get from the train station to the Venice city center is the most affordable and fun option if you are staying within walking distance of the station.

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Having a Prontopia local assistant help you with orienting yourself to the city and walking or taking the vaporetto will cost much less than a water taxi and overall are is an economical and enjoyable option as it takes the stress out of finding your way, and you get to chat with a knowledgeable local about life in Venice or tips for your stay. This point of arrival experience can really reduce stress and help you get more out of your visit as they can point out the nearest grocery store, ATM, pharmacy, where to eat nearby and so on, and assist you with purchasing the best vaporetto pass option and understanding how to navigate the canals on your own for your stay. Using this simple service will add so much value to your arrival–transforming your travel day into a trip day with a chance to meet a helpful local upon immediate arrival!


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