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How to Get from Marco Polo Airport to Venice

January 7th, 2020 by Prontopia

There are four options for how to get from Marco Polo Airport to Venice: a private water taxi, the Alilaguna waterbus, a land bus to Piazzale Roma, or a land car transfer or taxi to Piazzale Roma. The decision-making factors as to which option is best for you include time, budget, and experience. These factors relate to convenience, time of arrival, destination location in Venice, and the number of travelers and luggage in your party. For any of these options, the most stress-free and economical way to arrive is to request a Prontopia Local to help you, as often travelers arriving to Venice find that the option they had planned to use based on prior research is not the best fit upon arrival. Help from a Prontopia Local will ensure assistance with purchasing the correct tickets or passes at the transfer desk, finding the correct dock or bus stop, assistance with your things, and useful local knowledge about Venice as you travel together to your destination location door to door.

Venice can be a difficult city to navigate. Get where you need to go stress-free – schedule a Prontopia local assistant to help you today!

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Taking the Bus from Marco Polo Airport to Venice

There are two options for taking the bus from Marco Polo Airport to Venice: the ATVO coach to Piazzale Roma (Venice) or the ACTV bus #5 Aerobus which stops at Mestre and finally Piazzale Roma in Venice. The cost is the same for both options, €8.00 one way, or €15.00 roundtrip.

Option 1 The ATVO coach goes between Marco Polo Airport and Venice Piazzale Roma (which is next to the train station). Tickets can be purchased in 4 locations at the ATVO ticket counter at baggage claim, at the ATVO ticket window in the arrivals area, from ticket machines in baggage claim and the airport exit, and from the ATVO attendant at the bus stop area (who you can also ask for information about timetables and routes or stops. Tickets can also be purchased online for the express service from Venice Marco Polo Airport to Venice Piazzale Roma, or through the ATVO app.

The bus stops for the ATVO line are found when you exit the arrivals area. When you exit the terminal at door D, proceed to the number 2 bus stop, where you will find signs for bus lines going to Venezia Piazzale Roma and Venezia Express. You must validate your ticket at the stamping machine at the bus stop before getting on the bus. It takes 20 minutes to arrive to Piazzale Roma. Service runs from 5:20 am to 12:20 am from the airport to Venice.

Option 2 The ACTV bus #5 Aerobus is one of the lines of the regular public bus line serving Venice and the mainland. This bus does make some local stops along the route, but still generally takes about 20 minutes to arrive at Piazzale Roma. Service runs from 4:00 am to 1:00 am so this is a great option for those early am or late pm arrivals when private water taxis and the Alilaguna waterbus are not available. One of the additional conveniences and value of this bus line is that you can purchase the Aerobus + Nave ticket which will allow you to hop on the vaporetto on the Grand Canal once you arrive to Piazzale Roma without the need to buy an additional vaporetto ticket.

If you have more than one piece of carry-on-sized luggage and one personal bag, Option 1, the ATVO coach, might be a better option for you as the ACTV bus #5 does not have luggage storage under the bus. Tickets for the ACTV bus can be purchased from the public transport window in the arrival areas at the airport. The ACTV bus stop is at the sidewalk immediately in front of the airport terminal. You must validate your ticket on board the bus at the automatic ticket reader.

These options for how to get from Marco Polo Airport to Venice on the bus are a great opportunity to do as the local Venetians do, and with assistance from a Prontopia local assistant, you can learn even more about the city along the way and ensure you get at your door safe and stress-free.

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Car Service or Land Taxi to Piazzale Roma

It is also possible to book a car transfer or hop in a land taxi from Venice airport to Piazzale Roma. The cost is around €60 for up to 4 people with one piece of luggage each. This is also an option for getting from Venice airport to the cruise terminal. You will find taxis along the sidewalk after exiting the airport arrivals hall. The route takes about 30 minutes.

How to Take the Alilaguna Waterbus from Marco Polo Airport to Venice

The public boat service from Venice airport to Venice is the Alilaguna. The Alilaguna waterbus has service along three routes between stops on the Grand Canal and the Mainland (at Lido), the cruise port (Maritimma) and Venice Airport: Linea Blu, Linea Arancia, and Linea Rossa (the Rossa line runs only during April-September). See Alilaguna timetables for the schedule and stops.

The cost of the Alilaguna ticket from Marco Polo Airport to Venice’s historical center is €15 one way and €27 roundtrip. Children under age 6 are free. This includes one suitcase and one personal bag. Additional luggage costs €3 per piece. Tickets can be purchased from the public transportation desk in the arrivals area, from the ticket booth by the dock at the airport, or from the adjacent ticket machines.

Depending on where in Venice you are going, the Alilaguna waterbus is one of the slowest options for transfer to Venice center. The route to San Marco takes a little over an hour, and the route to the Marittima cruise port takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes. During high season, the Alilaguna boats can fill up so an alternative plan for going to and from the airport is advised. Additionally, there may be a wait time for the next boat as boats arrive typically every 30 minutes. To get to the Alilaguna dock, follow the signs for boats and water taxis and continue for about a 10-minute walk to the water.

Private Water Taxi to Venice

Water taxis are the most expensive option for arriving to Venice from the airport, at a cost of around €120 each way for up to 4 people, and an additional charge of €10 per person after 4 people. Water taxis offer the convenience of potentially getting you as close as possible to a canalside hotel. In terms of experience, arriving to Venice by private water taxi also provides a thrilling view of Venice as you approach the city. It takes about 30 minutes to arrive to Venice.

To book a private water taxi you must purchase a voucher from the water taxi ticket desk in the arrivals area of the airport immediately after you exit the baggage claim. You can also purchase tickets in advance from Consorzio Motoscafi. In both cases, you will need to present your voucher to the attendant at the taxi dock. When you exit the airport, follow the signs to the boat piers to find the taxi dock.

Some of the unexpected disadvantages of using a water taxi can be the fact that when the boat drops you off at the small dock or canalside stairs near your hotel, it can be difficult to disembark from the boat, especially depending on the tide, and with luggage. Whether high tide or low tide, you may have to deal with a slippery wet surface and a gap between the boat and the landing surface. The water taxi drivers are not allowed to anchor and get out of the boat to help you. If your hotel is not canalside, you may still have a significant walk to navigate to get to your hotel. Requesting a Prontopia local assistant help you along the way from arrival at the airport is very helpful in these instances. It is also important to remember that excessive private water taxi traffic in Venice is an environmental burden on the city, so sharing a private taxi or using public transportation when reasonable is a more sustainable travel choice. The Venice Kishare app is a fun and responsible option for finding other travelers to share the ride with you!

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