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How to Store Luggage in Barcelona Spain

February 15th, 2020 by Prontopia

Do you know that feeling when you finally reach your departure gate, and you sit your bags down and ask your travel buddy to watch them while you go to the bathroom or go to grab food? That overwhelming feeling of lightness and freedom, without any straps digging into your shoulders as you float on air, care-free? That's pretty much the same feeling you get when you find safe, trusted luggage storage upon arrival to a new city. Who wants to carry their luggage all day while they wait to check into their lodging? If you're wondering how to store luggage in Barcelona Spain (safely and easily), then keep reading and we'll tell you!

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Tips for Packing Light

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Our first tip for dealing with luggage in Barcelona is to pack light in the first place! Packing light ensures that you'll be able to keep track of your belongings, as well as helping improve your stamina while walking all around the city.

While it's not everyone's style, packing light can be easy with a little bit of creativity. Bring simple, practical, and stylish clothes in a neutral color palette so you can mix and match with fewer items. Bring multi-purpose shoes that are comfortable, and wear your heaviest pair on the plane. Opt for digital books instead of physical books, and if you're on a longer trip, plan to do laundry instead of bringing your whole closet. And once you think you've pared down to the absolute necessities? Get rid of just a couple more things. For more packing tips for Spain, click here.

How to Store Luggage in Barcelona Spain

When it comes to how to store luggage in Barcelona Spain, you have a few options depending on what you're looking for. You may want to store your luggage at the airport, the bus station, or at points around the city (like places that are close to your lodging. Let's get started.

LOCKERBarcelona Central Plaça Catalunya

A private company called LOCKERBarcelona operates lockers off of a side street. This is an ideal location if you want to explore the city for a few hours before taking the Aerobus to the airport, or if you want to explore the city center while you're waiting to check in to your hotel. The price of the lockers range from 3.50€ to 7.50€, and you can get in and out of the lockers at any point. This location offers 24-hour video surveillance.


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Stasher offers a convenient, safe, and affordable way to store your luggage while you travel so that you can enjoy the journey. Stasher is the world’s first luggage storage network that connects you with hotels and stores that can keep your luggage safe. With award-winning customer support, no need for cash due to online on-demand booking, and no size restrictions, Stasher provides the perfect in-trip solution to help you enjoy your travels. You can book with Stasher for only €5 for 24 hours.


Nannybag watches over your possessions in several places for €6 per day per bag. Once you're in Barcelona, there are over 157 storage locations to choose from, based on your needs. Once you’ve booked, you’ll receive an email with the precise address. They guarantee a 3-minute tops check-in. Quick!

Locker Stations at the Airport

There are locker stations available at Terminal 1 in the airport. Find them located on Level 0 of the Terminal next to the lost-and-found. You'll be able to see signs pointing you there. Be aware that your luggage will need to be screened before it is stored. For the smallest locker, it costs 4.50€ for 24 hours (the minimum duration). The middle locker costs 5.10€ and the large costs 5.80€.

Radical Storage

You can pre-book luggage storage with Radical Storage on their platform. Simply choose the location that is most convenient for you and the check-in time. It costs 5€ a day.

Photo Credit: Caroline Selfers on Unsplash


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