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How to Buy Barcelona Metro Tickets

February 20th, 2020 by Prontopia

The metro is one of the best ways to get around Barcelona, and purchasing metro passes also gives you access to the Barcelona bus system. If you're wondering how to buy Barcelona metro tickets, keep reading!

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Where to Buy Barcelona Metro Tickets

You can purchase Barcelona metro tickets online ahead of time on the TMB (Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona) website. TMB has an app that you can download and is easy to use (download it here). You can also purchase tickets for the metro at the airport or any one of the Barcelona metro stops. Metro ticket machines take cash or cards.

Single-Day or Multi-Day Barcelona Metro Tickets?

How to Buy Barcelona Metro Tickets 0

While you can purchase metro tickets for individual trips (they each cost €2.40), just like with most city's metro systems, it's more cost-effective to buy a multi-day or multi-trip pass if you're going to be taking more than three trips.

Which Ticket to Buy?

T10 Card

If you need to take public transportation, your best option is to purchase a T-10 ticket. You can purchase a T10 ticket at any metro station, except for the metro station at the airport. The T10 provides 10 rides for €10.20, and it works with buses, the metro, most trams, and some trains. Each ride you take can include up to three changes (e.g. changing from the metro to the bus to the tram in one ride). You have 75 minutes for each ride to make those transitions. This card is also shareable (until March 2020), so you can pass it to a passenger behind you if you're traveling with friends or family.

Hola BCN! Card

Another popular card to buy is the Hola Barcelona Card, which gets you unlimited access to the metro, as well as buses as local trains. If you plan on taking a lot of trips around the city (that are too far to walk), or if your trip is longer than a few days, it can be nice to not have to keep track of how many trips you have left on your card and the price can be worth it. However, if your trip is shorter, it really is possible to walk most places in Barcelona plus a few metro rides, so this card isn't really necessary.

Barcelona Card

The Barcelona card offers both unlimited transportation and city-wide discounts to attractions, shows, restaurants, and souvenir shops. Naturally, since this card comes with many more features than just public transportation, it's more expensive than the other options (46 euros for 3 days, 56 euros for 4 days, and 61 euros for 5 days).

T-Casual Card

With the T-Casual card, you'll get 10 trips on the metro, the train, the buses, the tram, and RENFE all Zone 1 areas (which include the city center and the airport). There are six other zones in the city, and you can buy passes to each of them. However, most attractions in Barcelona are located in Zone 1 so you won't really need to buy additional passes. A T-Casual ticket costs €11.35 (in comparison with €2.40 for a single ride).

T-Casual card is not valid for the Aerobus (which is the express bus service to the airport), or the airport metro stops Aeroport T1 or Aeroport T2.

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