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Transportation in Santa Barbara, California

September 25th, 2020 by Ava Jakubowski

Transportation in Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara's beaches, small downtown and laid back lifestyle make it the perfect place to call home, or the perfect place for a little getaway. Everything in Santa Barbara seems to move slower in comparison to the LA hustle of getting from one place to the next. And although Southern California is normally known for its lack of public transportation, there are a lot of ways to get around Santa Barbara that are fun and easy!

Transportation in Santa Barbara, California 0

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Whether you're a hard core cyclist or prefer a chill beach cruiser, there's a bike option for you in Santa Barbara!

Santa Barbara’s streets are made with bikes in mind and many of the most used one-way streets have bike lanes. Even on the streets that don’t have bike lanes, many of the local drivers are used to bikers and easily share the road. Many people in Santa Barbara prefer to use bikes over cars to get to their jobs or run some errands.

One of our Prontopia customers works at UC Santa Barbara and chooses to bike to and from work everyday because, “it allows (him) to exercise two times a day, saves some money on gas and helps (him) to jumpstart (his) day.”


A popular location for anything else involving wheels is on the paved walking path that stretches 4.5 miles along East and West beach. There you can find skateboarders heading over to the mini skatepark next to the boardwalk, rollerbladers and skaters going out for an evening skate, as well as groups of kids playing around on their scooters.

A well known tourist and local attraction is the pedal carts that are available to rent off of E Mason St. These carts are great for families with or without children as well as groups of friends looking for an alternative way to enjoy the Santa Barbara weather while still getting some exercise. 


Santa Barbara has an extensive bus system that offers an affordable way to efficiently get around the city and the surrounding areas.

It's also free of charge to any City College Student as it is covered in their tuition, and the bus covers many of the areas where UCSB students live such as Goleta and Isla Vista.

Maps and schedules for Santa Barbara buses can be found here.


The best way to get around downtown Santa Barbara is to walk.

The city is laid out in a simple grid system and all the streets are lined with sidewalks. The town is small enough and places are close enough together that you can easily get almost anywhere you want to go within a 30 minute walk.

Driving is always an option, but it could take longer than walking, especially when you consider looking for a parking spot. Between one-way streets and a speed limit below 30 mph, walking is often faster, always easier and definitely more enjoyable during one of Santa Barbara's beautiful sunny days.

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