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How do I love Florence? Let me count the ways…

June 10th, 2020 by Roberta Bianchi

People join the Prontopia community driven by a love of their city and a desire to share that love with visitors and locals alike. The beauty of Florence has been inspiring artists, writers, politicians and everyday citizens for almost 2000 years- and now we’d love to share how it inspires our own Prontopians:

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How do I love Florence? Let me count the ways… 0

I spent my life here

Why I love Florence, a stimulating and intimate title. I would start by saying that it is simply my city, the place where I have spent most of my life. All this underlies all the experiences of my life, including family, friends and professional experiences. So the bond with my city is strong, for the feelings, that arouses me. All this makes me little objective, in judging Florence, as a place to live. My professional life, allowed me to travel a bit all over the world, which adds to my passion for travel, so I think I can make some considerations about life in Florence. This splendid city, rich in history and culture, is a true open-air museum, a wonderful walk through its narrow streets in the center and each time discovering new details, enjoying its beauty. Florence is a city, with culinary traditions, which derive from the countryside, which surrounds it and the hills, give excellent wines and olive oils, unmatched in the world. The catering traditions range from simple dishes, but also include recipes from our Renaissance. Another aspect is that of hospitality, a city that has always been cosmopolitan and attentive to fashions and trends, makes it an ideal city for elegance. There are many other aspects, which I invite everyone to discover in person, I am too emotionally involved to be objective.

Giuseppe Di Napoli

The heartbeat

How do I love Florence? Let me count the ways… 1

I love Florence because it makes my heart sing at every corner.

Patrizio Focardi

The Hidden Side Of Beauty

How do I love Florence? Let me count the ways… 2

I have lived here for five years. I am spoiled by beauty because I am Sicilian, yet in Florence I immediately felt at home. I could start telling you about the artistic beauties, the best known and the most hidden ones in the most hidden streets in the most hidden corners, but there is so much in the irony of its people, the gastronomic traditions, and the green and the wonderful hills on which it extends out of the center , the history of its houses, that living in ancient times on a human scale...

Donatella Concetta Costa

Those Sunsets

How do I love Florence? Let me count the ways… 3

No sunset excites me more than those seen from a wall between Santa Trinita bridge and Lungarno Corsini. I seem to live in a watercolor, to have an absolute privilege to be a citizen of this beautiful city. I love the way its roofs dilute in the Arno giving the impression of walking on a thin line between two worlds. At sunset, Florence offers a true spectacle of nature.

- Ambra Dilio

A Beautiful Aristocratic Woman

"My city is like a beautiful aristocratic woman, regal, charming and mysterious! Every corner, even the most hidden, offers glimpses of rare beauty! Each stone recalls the grandeur of this city where the Italian language was born and where the Renaissance began. I love the beautiful churches that hide priceless treasures, the majestic noble buildings with their rusticated facades, its museums, treasure chests of rare beauty.I love Florentines, gruff, closed but ready to play down and joke about everything. I would take the tourist to Oltrarno, one of the oldest areas of Florence, to discover the hidden alleys where, if you close your eyes, you seem to experience Renaissance magnificence. I would like to show the small squares, quiet and fascinating during the day and full of life in the evening with the small typical Tuscan trattorias where eating together is a religion! And where you can drink fantastic cocktails sitting quietly in small bars with antique furnishings. My favorite place is Piazzale Michelangelo, the postcard of Florence declared by UNESCO the most beautiful view in the world of a city from a hill ... beautiful the city crossed placidly by the Arno with the monuments that seem so close to touch. At night, however, the city offers the best view with its thousand lights that illuminate the monuments and reflect majestically in the water of the Arno.This is Florence for me, all to visit and live ... and I am ready to let you discover it."

Dimitri Montoci Donati

And Much more

Florence's bridges are quite something when the weather is good and we don't have crowds of tourists taking wild pictures. heart beats faster watching panoramas and...much more!!!

Alessandro Araki

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Roberta Bianchi

Roman living in Venice. Plant lover, avid reader and seasonal yogi

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