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Tips For Easter During Covid-19

April 8th, 2020 by Prontopia

It's official: we will spend Easter 2020 in quarantine.

Not everyone was prepared for this and it is absolutely acceptable to be upset. Just remember not to violate the quarantine as long as it is in force, even during the festivity. It's for the safety of all!

But, while we keep reinforcing social distancing, how can we plan for a memorable Easter at home? In Italy, many are offering a solution for those who wish to have a special lunch without going out. Keep reading to find our top tips for Easter during Covid-19.

Lunch Delivery At Home

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If you are not in the mood to cook the Easter Lunch by yourself, what about having it delivered at home by your favorite restaurant?

For example, we love the Easter lunch delivery made by MarigoldRoma in Roma: they planned a whole Easter menu that they are able to deliver almost everywhere of the Eternal City.

In Florence, "La Quercia di Castelletti" has created an ad-hoc Easter gluten-free menu, integrating the idea of a meal for all with fine dining. In fact, the courses are coupled with detailed explanation on how to finalizing the dish at home. Customers will get the feeling of a freshly home-made Easter lunch, while enjoying a satisfying culinary experience.

If you are looking for an extremely luxurious and gluttonous experience, you can find and inspiration at Ridotto in Venice. The Michelin awarded restaurant has a whole Easter lunch menu set up for its most demanding customers, who can have it delivered at home.

Dessert Delivery At Home

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What's after lunch? Dessert! Here a few suggestions of the best Easter treats you can ordered in Italy.

Marco Colzani needs a special mention for the a great sustainable idea: 3D Egg (Uovo 3D). With a design that not even IKEA had thought yet, this chocolate egg arrives in a minimal bag with the instructions to be built. Made from 70% pure dark chocolate, it is a must try also for the very affordable price. Check out the Uovo 3D at

The most famous patisserie in Venice is ready to deliver the most delicious variety of Easter cakes and pastries. If you can't order now, at least take down the name for when emergency is over! It is a must on your next visit for a cappuccino and pastry break:

Extremely famous all over Rome, Grezzo Raw Chocolate delivers its incredible raw and vegan chocolate egg for Easter. Its unique preparation make for a delicious and unique experience. In fact, you can get chocolate eggs ranging from 65% organic raw chocolate egg with hazelnut grains, 90% organic raw chocolate egg and 70% organic raw chocolate egg - Sugar free. Could you resist?

These are our top tips for Easter during Covid-19 on the deliveries to check out in Italy. What do you think? Do you have anything like it in your country?

©Photo Credits: Photo by Tim Meyer, Photo by Tim Gouw 


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