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Best Child Friendly Restaurants Barcelona

February 19th, 2020 by Prontopia

Sometimes, getting your kids to eat their food at home can be a challenge. How many times can you say, "Here comes the airplane!" But when you're traveling with your kids, surrounded by an entirely different cuisine, it's natural to want assurance that the restaurants you choose will be kid-friendly. So what are the best child friendly restaurants Barcelona has to offer? Let's take a look - so you both you and your children will be full and happy!

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Typical Spanish Food

Before we start, let's find out what kind of food you're going to run into while you're in Barcelona! Spain is huge in the culinary world, full of wonderful dishes and flavors, and its highly localized - each city and region has its own unique twist. You will be able to enjoy truly authentic Spanish cuisine, which is down-to-earth and uncomplicated. Basic ingredients always include olive oil and garlic, and you'll also find a lot of ham, fish, seafood, cheeses, sausages, beef, lamb, eggs, and chicken. You won't typically find spicy food, which is probably a good thing for most kids.

Here are a few dishes that are generally kid-friendly, and you'll be able to find on most menus.

  • Tortilla - egg frittata

  • Tortilla de patatas - an egg frittata with potato

  • Choricitos - mini cured sausages

  • Patatas bravas - potatoes with a tomato sauce and garlic mayonoise

  • Pan con tomate - toasted bread with tomato

  • Albondigas - meatballs

  • Xuixo - a famous Catalan cream-filled pastry

  • Croquetas - a go-to snack for kids, these are treats made with bechamel and filled with anything from ham to chicken to cheese

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So what are some of the best child friendly restaurants Barcelona has to offer? Keep reading!

Macchina Pasta Bar

Carrer d'Astúries, 17, 08012 Barcelona, Spain

There are several of these restaurants, but this particular one is in the Gracia neighborhood near La Sagrada Familia. You will generally find a long line here, because this restaurant custom creates your pasta right in front of you! Don't worry though: the line moves quickly and you can find seating in the back.

Maritime Museum Cafe

Av. de les Drassanes, s/n, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

The Maritime Museum in Barcelona is located in El Raval area near the water. There's a cafe there - you don't have to purchase tickets to the museum to eat there, though this might be a fun activity with your kids. This cafe is a nice place if you would like to dine outdoors and let your kids run around in a nice, public square.


Rambla dels Caputxins, 37.

Louro is in La Rambla area (an area usually advised against because of touristy restaurants), and it's a seafood tapas restaurant that both you and your kids will enjoy, as there's a great kids menu as well as some typical tapas for your kids. The service is wonderful, and the high-quality modern tapas are unforgettable.

Chocolateria La Nena

Carrer de Ramón y Cajal, 36.

Dying to experience churros con chocolate? This delicious Spanish dessert features warm, cinnamon-covered churros dipped in dark chocolate, and you'll never forget the taste. Chocolateria La Nena is located in the Gracia neighborhood, and it's famous for its delicious drinking chocolate, and the owners are friendly and chatty.

Best Child Friendly Restaurants Barcelona 1


Carrer del Comerç, 1, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Picnic is located in the El Born neighborhood. You might want to make a reservation here as it can get quite busy. There are many dishes to choose from, but your kids just might order the pancakes with the peanut butter sauce (and maybe you will too!).

Granja Petitbo

Passeig de Sant Joan, 82, 08009 Barcelona, Spain

This bright and fresh restaurant is just a six-block walk from the Sagrada Familia in the Gracia neighborhood, and features everything from sandwiches, fresh fruit juices, burgers, and daily specials. You can even book a Saturday brunch ahead of time if you want to enjoy a relaxed, sunny Saturday with your family.

Best Child Friendly Restaurants Barcelona 2

De Tapadillo

Carrer del Fonollar, 8, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

You can never have too many tapas in Barcelona - and this is a wonderful place to get them. De Tapadillo is located in El Born district. Try the pan con tomate and patata brava, for you and your kids! They also serve nachos as a backup, and you can either enjoy the cozy indoor environment, or a nice outdoor seating arrangement.

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