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What To Eat In Venice Italy

December 13th, 2019 by Prontopia

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What To Eat In Venice Italy 0

Here are our Marketing and Recruitment Specialist Ilaria’s top five favorite foods of Venice with tips about where to eat them:

1. Spaghetti al Nero di Seppia (black ink spaghetti).

You simply must taste this dish when you come to Venice. Tip: do not wear anything white or be sure you cover your precious clothes: black squid ink is super hard to wash and the dish is too delish(!) to not eat with gusto!

Where to eat it:Try spaghetti al nero di seppia at my all-time favorite spot Osteria Ai Promessi Sposi – a small and cozy place located in a small calle near Campo Santi Apostoli. Prices are medium, they serve cozy Venetian dishes, and you can also go there for a couple of “ombre and cicchetti” as they have a bar  Osteria and not only restaurant.

Osteria ai Promessi Sposi

Calle dell’Oca 4367 | CannaregioVenice, Italy 30121 Tel. +39 041 241 2747

2. Fiori di zucca fritti ripieni di baccala’ (fried zucchini flowers with stockfish filling).

This dish is a cicchetto so it comes in small portions, but is a delicacy! Baccala’ is made of stockfish cream…super typical!

Where to eat it:Try this dish in a great spot where you can also start a Rialto wine and cicchetti tour, visiting some other bacaro to try cicchetti and drinks, at the  Cantina do Spade. This is a historical cantina (said to be one of the oldest osterie in Venice), was a favorite spot of legendary lover Casanova. Cantina do Spade is great for cicchetti and wine, and is also a restaurant (but is always very crowded). This is also a very nice Casanova-themed idea for visitors looking for Romantic Things to Do in Venice.

3. Sardee in Saor

This is a unique Venetian dish composed of fried sardines that marinate in onions, sugar, vinager and pine nuts for 3 days. I cannot even start to describe the taste. It’s a bittersweet emotion. I would rather say that the taste is an example of where the Eastern and Western cultural heritages of ancient Venice meet. The recipe originated because it was meant to last for days, as a way to conserve fish, and used since the beginning of La Serenissima’s history.

Where to eat it:Everywhere! All of the osterie in Venice should serve this dish.

What To Eat In Venice Italy 1

4. Mix of cicchetti

Cicchetti are different flavors of savory toppings served on a small piece of bread or polenta.

Where to eat it: Cantina del Vino gia Schiavi or Osteria allo Squero – magic place right in front of the gondola’s workshop at Zattere. Both places they make an amazing selection of cicchetti. Try them all! Great places if you need a bite meanwhile you’re getting lost in Dorsoduro area. Better go there in a sunny day because you can sit on next to the canal and look the water wold go by.

Cantina del Vino gia SchiaviDorsoduro 992  Fondamenta Nani,30123 Venezia (Italia) Tel. +39 041 5230034

Osteria all SqueroDorsoduro, 943/944,30123 Venezia, Italia

5. Flan di zucca

Pumpkin flan. This is not a typical Venetian, but it’s something that you can have only in Venice.

La ZuccaSanta Croce 1762, 176230135 Venezia Tel. +39 041 524 1570

What To Eat In Venice Italy 2

Our Prontopia Venice Community Partners Manager Gherardo is a global foodie with a passion for Venetian food and wine. Gherardo explains that “In Venice we are very lucky  we have so many different products from the sea and from the land. One particular seafood visitors should definitely try is the “granseola,” a typical local crab from the lagoon. This is seafood specialty is very delicate and tasty at the same time. It is typically prepared boiled in a vegetable broth and seasoned just with olive oil, lemon juice, and black pepper.

The other product of Venice I love especially is the violet artichoke from Sant’Erasmo Island,  which is a very small flavorful artichoke typical of this period of the year. It is traditionally fried in olive oil or prepared in a pot with garlic and parsley, or also raw in carpaccio style with olive oil and lemon. Here you see the artichokes alongside another Venetian luxury, macerato, a type of regional orange wine of the Friuli Venezia Giulia wine region. Buon appetito!

Our Social Media and Marketing intern Eloisa has some great tips about which typical Venetian sweets to order, and where to find them. Venetians have their own style of pastries and bakery specialties. Two of the typical sweets pastries of Venice are “pan dei pescatori” (fisherman’s bread), a type of cookie made with citrus zest and almonds, and “pan dei dogi” (the doge’s bread), another cookie made with dried fruit and nuts.

For the best pastries in Cannaregio, try Pasticceria Nobile. This is a typical Venetian place. It can be very crowded in the morning since every real Venetian from Cannaregio visits this pasticceria for their morning coffee. It is family run, and all pastries and pizzette (mini pizzas, a delicious snack!) are homemade.

Pasticceria NobileCannaregio 1818,30121 Venezia Tel. +39 041 720731

What To Eat In Venice Italy 3

I also really enjoy Pasticceria Tonolo, near Campo Santa Margherita. This is a very local place. They have the wider range of pastries to choose from, and serve many students passing by on their way to the university. During Carnevale season, Tonolo is one of the most famous spots to by Fritelle, the sweet fritters served in celebration of Carnival in Venice.

Enjoy learning about more local spots and favorite dishes while you are in Venice! Sign up for Prontopia for in-person help getting where you need to go in the city, and you will have the best local connection for discovering nice places to eat in the neighborhoods along the way.


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