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How to Take the Traghetto in Venice

December 13th, 2019 by Prontopia

For visitors to Venice, figuring out how to get around Venice according to the most direct route can be challenging.  There are only a few bridges that cross the Grand Canal, including the Rialto Bridge, of course. And so, if you need to cross the Grand Canal to get where you need to go, but are not near a bridge, there is another fun option: do as the locals do, and take the simple “traghetto”or "gondola da parada" – a gondola shuttle that crosses the Grand Canal at select points for only 2 euros. Here are some tips for how to take the traghetto in Venice.

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How to Take the Traghetto in Venice 0

The “Traghetto Gondola” is bigger than standard gondolas and therefore is navigated by 2 men instead of 1. A traghetto can transport up to 14 people at a time. The word “traghetto” means a type of ferry in Italian.

Using the traghetto to cross the Grand Canal is an easy and cheap way to cross the canal while also enjoying the beauty of being on a gondola. (Read our Locals Guide to Gondola Rides here).

How to Take the Traghetto in Venice 1

In Venice there are 4 main points where you can find Traghetto Gondoliers ready to cross the canal every 5 minutes. There are select other stops in Venice, but service is not always regular. Traghetto Gondolas depart from docks at:

1. San Tomà in San Polo

2. Santa Sofia in Cannaregio

3. Santa Maria del Giglio in San Marco

4. Riva del Vin/del Carbon

The map below shows the points where you can find the Traghetto Gondola Stops.

How to Take the Traghetto in Venice 2

The traghetti gondolas usually operate from early in the morning until evening around 7 or 8 pm, but the hours are not always consistent. It is important to take care when boarding the gondola, especially with the other passengers. And it is not suitable to bring heavy luggage with you.

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©Photo Credits: Photo by Prontopia, Map of the Traghetto by Comune di Venezia


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