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How to Get to Murano from Venice

December 16th, 2019 by Prontopia

A visit to the island of Murano is a worthwhile reason to stay in Venice for an extra day or two, ensuring you have time to explore important sites in the lagoon beyond the center of Venice. For a stress-free and easy way to arrive to Murano, request in-person help from a Prontopia Local here! Read our post here for more day trips from Venice.

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Murano is a cluster of 8 small islands linked by bridges crossing the canals separating them. In 1291, Venice required all glassmakers to relocate to Murano because of the risk of fire to the city. The island thus became famous around the world as a center for masterful glassmaking of fine glass beads, mirrors, chandeliers, and other luxury creations. It is easy to enjoy a day trip if you consider your options for how to arrive to Murano from Venice carefully.

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It is possible to arrive to Murano from several points in Venice center on the ACTV vaporetto lines. If you plan to visit Murano or any of the other islands in the lagoon, such as Burano or Torcello, consider purchasing a multi-day unlimited vaporetto pass when you arrive to Venice so that you can hop on and off the public waterbuses with ease. For help determining what is best for you, request a local using Prontopia for assistance at your point of arrival.

San Zaccaria Vaporetto Stop

There are three options for taking the vaporetto to Murano:

Vaporetto Lines 12, 4.1, or 4.2 from Fondamente Nove

Taking the vaporetto from the ACTV docks at the Fondamente Nove is the quickest way to arrive to Murano because you are departing from northern side of Venice. Vaporetto Line 12 takes only 9 minutes to reach the Murano Faro stop on the island of Murano from Fondamente Nove. If you take the 4.1 vaporetto line, it will take 10 minutes to arrive to the Murano Colonna stop.

Vaporetto Lines 4.2 or 4.1 from San Zaccaria (near Piazza San Marco), and Line 7 during High Season

If you are departing from the other side of Venice, near Piazza San Marco, you can take waterbus lines 4.1 or 4.2 from the San Zaccaria vaporetto stop, which is just a few minute along the Grand Canal promenade from Piazza San Marco. Line 4.2 takes about 40 minutes heading north toward Fondamente Nove, and passes the island of San Michele, which offers a charming view. Line 4.1 takes almost an hour, going in the other direction passing along the island of Giudecca first. During the high season from April to October vaporetto line 7 also runs between the San Zaccaria stop and the Colonna, Faro, and Navagero stops on Murano.

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Vaporetto Lines 4.1 or 4.2, or 3, from the Piazzale Roma or Ferrovia vaporetto stops

From the Santa Lucia train station in Venice, there is a direct line number 3, called “Diretto Murano” that goes directly from the train station to waterbus stop Murano Colonna on Murano Island, taking only around 17 minutes. The line 3 vaporetto stops at all other stops on Murano as well. Alternatively, you can also take lines 4.1 or 4.2 to Murano Island from the train station or Piazzale Roma, however, these lines have a few stops along the way and will take longer.

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It is also possible to hire a private water taxi to take you to Murano for a cost of 60 euro each way. Many hotels in Venice offer a free boat trip to the islands for guests. These excursions are generally oriented toward very touristic areas of the island and guiding potential customers to shop at certain glassblowing studios for luxury items.

One fun alternative option for taking a water taxi to Murano is the Kishare app in Venice, which allows you to share the cost and experience of the water taxi with other travelers in Venice who are also heading to Murano. Ride sharing in this way is a nice choice for visiting Venice respectfully as it helps minimize motorized boat traffic in the lagoon's fragile ecosystem.

While the island does have a reputation at times for “tourist traps” and overpriced wares, it is important to remember that with some local knowledge and care, you can discover incredible artisans creating finely-crafted treasures and preserving centuries-old techniques in decorative glassblowing. It is also possible to find local dining on the island. Read some tips from Prontopia Local and glass bead artisan Lisette about where the locals like to eat on Murano. Or better yet, use Prontopia for your visit to Murano and you just might connect with Lisette herself!

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