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What Are The Best Activities in Rome

December 16th, 2019 by Prontopia

The main sites of Rome are treasures on the top of every visitor's list: the Colosseum and Roman Forum, St. Peter’s and the Vatican Museum, the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps, and the Trevi Fountain. However, there are so many activities to discover the city that go well beyond visiting these sites! In this article, we suggest some of the best activities in Rome to immerse yourself in the local culture and to discover the city.

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Stroll and Shop in Campo dei Fiori

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The Campo dei Fiori market is one of the last open-air food markets in Rome- the other remaining market is in Trastevere - and a chance to experience local life as it was lived for centuries by Romans.

Although the market has adapted today to serve the increasing number of tourists in the area, with souvenir food products in many stands, the remaining fruit and vegetable stands are run by families with generations of families selling locally-sourced quality seasonal produce: zucchini flowers, artichokes, wild asparagus, local mushrooms, local berries.

Shopping and talking to locals at the market can be one of the most meaningful activities to discover both local life and culture. 

Explore Borghese Gardens

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Among best activities in Rome, for sure the Borghese Gardens offer so much to explore!

Here you must visit the Borghese Gallery for painting and sculpture, and tour around the gardens by bike or walking, and then wait until the sunset to enjoy the view of Rome from Pincio Hill.

One of the best activities here is renting a rowboat on the small lake. Within the gardens, the lake is an oasis of quiet with a tiny dock. From here you can rent a small rowboat and gently glide over for a better view of the Temple of Asclepius in the center of the lake.

Tiber River Boat Cruise

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Taking a Tiber River Boat Cruise offers a different perspective on the city of Rome, which brings the city to life in terms of the importance of the proximity of the port of Ostia Antica to the history of Rome.  The boat line Batelli di Roma offers short “Hop on Hop off” trips on the river between Castel Sant’Angelo and Isola Tiberina.

Seasonally from Spring to Fall they also offer boat trips from the dock on the river beneath the Bridge of Angels that go all the way to Ostia Antica. There are several options for the type of trip, including an evening aperitivo cruise with wine and light snacks and a dinner cruise

Take a Cooking Lesson

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Haven't you ever desired to be able to make some of those delicious Italian dishes, you've always seen on pictures and TV? Well, Rome gives you plenty of choices for cooking classes where you will have the chance to explore and learn the fundamentals of Italian and Roman cuisine. And if you already know your way around the pan, you could learn more about Italian ingredients and receipts with more advanced classes or even pizza classes playing around flavors and mixes.

This is for sure a one of a time chance as well as one of the best activities in Rome to immerse oneself into the local culture, but remember! These are only some of the many fantastic activities that one could do Rome: museums, catacomb tours, markets and parks are truly everywhere! If you want to discover more of the city with a local, book a connection and enjoy Rome like a Roman!

©Photo Credits: Campo Dei Fiori (Photo by Myrabella); Villa Borghese (Photo by Lalupa); Tiber River (Photo from Unsplash); Pasta Making (Photo by Jorge Zapata)


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