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What to Do and Where to Go in Naples

December 17th, 2019 by Prontopia

If you’re planning an upcoming trip to Naples, you might wonder where to go in Naples. Luckily, our Locals in Naples and our partner, Happyning Italia, have amazing recommendations on activities that everyone will enjoy.

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San Martino

San Martino is a beautiful respite in Naples’ city center. It encompasses over seven hectares of urban fields, and it was declared a national monument by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage in 2010. San Martino has been referenced in numerous works of literature (including a satire written by Giacomo Leopardi). Nature, memories, art, literature, and traditions are all present in this unique Neopolitan vineyard. 

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Wine Tasting and Horseback Riding in Pompei

If you're wondering where to go in Naples, you need to go to Pompei! Spend some time in the heart of ancient Pompeir. You’ll find some of the best wines in the Campania region, including Piedrirosso, Aglianico, Flanghina, and Coda di Volpe. Our partner, Happyning Italia, offers a lovely riding tour. You can enjoy the landscape while listening to the birds and the goats in the background.

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Via San Gregorio Armeno - The picturesque street of Cribs, Presepe, in Naples

The crib tradition is a very ancient Christmas tradition, especially in the South of Italy. In Naples they bring this tradition to a totally different level, having a whole street dedicated to these typical decorations. Here they sell handmade crib’s figures all year round. Here they sell handmade crib’s figures all year round, however the best time to visit it is of course around Christmas when it becomes one of the most spectacular Christmas markets in the world.

The Health Neighborhood

The Rione Sanita district came about in the late 1500s. Opinions vary on where exactly this district got its name from. Some people think that it’s because when it was established, it was an uncontaminated place in which many recoveries took place in its catacombs. Other swear the name came from the floods that purified the district. Rione Sanita is located at the foot of the Capodimonte Hill. 

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Mount Vesuvius

The land around Mount Vesuvius offers a great amount of unique food and wine to go along with its history and culture. Local kitchens created the local cuisine over the centuries. There’s a historic passion for Lacryma Christi, the wine that has roots in this area. And did you know that wine has benefits for your skin? You can learn all about the cosmetic uses for wine in an amazing experience with our partner. 

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The Doll Hospital

The Doll Hospital is located in the heart of the city. Luigi Grassi opened and founded it in the late 1800s. Since then, the hospital works just like a recovery room for dolls. You can find any kind of toys there. All the toys quietly wait for their turn for repairs!

If you would like a special guided tour, book with our amazing partner, Happyning Italia.


Photo Credit: Andy Holmes on Unsplash, Pieter Biesemans on Unsplash


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