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What to Eat in Naples

December 14th, 2019 by Prontopia

Italy is well-known for its cuisine, and travelers visiting Italy love to experience all the food Italy has to offer! Naples, especially, is a hub for grub. Keep reading to find out what to eat in Naples. Ciao, and welcome to Italy!

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Street Food

Ancient Romans called the Campania region “Campania felix”, meaning “happy”. The Campania region is perfect for growing food because of its fertile soils, mild temperature, and favorable exposure. The cuisine prepared in the Campania region aims to preserve the flavors and fragrance of the fresh, local ingredients. 

Naples, in particular, is famous for its wide selection of street food. Vendors make the street food from inexpensive, fresh ingredients (like vegetables and grains) and comes baked, fried, or grilled. Street food is available at shops or along many streets.

Make sure you try sfogliatella, a shell-shaped Italian pastry filled with sweet ricotta blended with candied fruits and spices. Pick up a pastiera napoletana, a pie served at Easter made from lemon and cinnamon flavored ricotta with candied fruit mixed in. There are also tarallucci, ring-shaped biscuits baked with almonds and lard. Finally, pizza is king, known all over the world. 

The Sweet Side of Naples

Do you have a sweet tooth? Naples does, too! There are many sweet treats that you need to try during your trip. 

One of the most famous products in Naples is the “sfogliatella”, the ”babà” ”, “nzogna e pepe”, or “fiocco di neve”. It is a small brioche filled with milk cream, ricotta cheese, and cream and shaped like a snowflake.

Pasta, Pasta!

What is more Italian than pasta, or “white gold”? A great way to experience this Italian traditional food is to visit a typical pasta factory or to take part in a pasta making class. Fun fact: the weather conditions in Gragnano (near Naples)  provide a unique and slow drying for macaroni.

The favorable climate conditions are Gragnano pasta’s key to success and popularity. This place near Naples, due to its position between the mountains and the sea, enjoys a mild climate, balanced and slightly moist during the year, which can dry the pasta in a gradual way.

What to Eat in Naples 0

“Maccheroni”, or macaroni, is one of the most famous types of pasta in the whole world. Did you know that it originated in Italy?

The secret of amazing Italian pasta has to do with where the wheat is cultivated. Farmers grow the wheat in Gragnano. Gragnano has the right mix of wind, sun, and humidity that makes it a specific and perfect microclimate from growing the wheat. 

In 2013, the European Union declared PGI (Protected Geographical Indication). The pasta made under the name “Pasta di Gragnano” must be produced in a legally defined area that still corresponds to the territory indicated by the king of the Napoli about two centuries ago. 

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Photo Credit: Jorge Zapata on Unsplash


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