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Is Water Safe to Drink in Venice?

December 13th, 2019 by Prontopia

Some people might have heard that tap water is unsafe, tasteless, or even tastes bad. This is true for many places around the world, but not Venice! If people are wondering “Is the water safe to drink in Venice?”, the answer is yes!

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Venice’s water is excellent, thoroughly regulated, and cheap (1,000 liters cost around €1.5). Since tap water is not transported on trucks and doesn’t need packaging, Venice’s water supply methods leave no environmental footprint. Preference is the only reason that many people buy plastic water bottles that have been transported many miles in trucks. These bottles of water can cost anywhere from €.30 to €1.50 for a half-liter bottle in supermarkets or a street stalls, whereas tap water only costs €0.015 (one and a half cents).

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Reducing Plastic Pollution

Aside from saving money, reducing plastic waste should be everyone’s primary goal. Only private residences and hotels actually have the ability to recycle plastic litter. On the streets, plastic is disposed of like any other trash, and this is a problem that has been unresolved by the authorities as of yet.

Veritas S.P.A.

A company called Veritas is responsible for Venice’s water that supplies about 80 million cubic meters of drinking water to the civil aqueduct. Venice’s water is some of the best water in Italy for its quality, characteristics, taste, and careful control. The water supply primarily arrives by way of 5,700 km of a historic network of wells, and a small portion of the supply comes from the rivers Adige, Sile, and Livenza (after being treated in four water purifiers). This efficient system helps the city weather the inevitable seasonal peaks in demand – even in drought conditions!

Water Analysis

Water control is required by law. Every year, the company laboratory analyzes 200,000 parameters, and the quality of the Veritas water is also controlled by ARPAV and local health authorities. The company laboratory periodically checks the temperature, total organic carbon pH (TOC), cyanide, turbidity, ammonium, color, free and total residual chlorine, then dries residue at 180° C, and verifies conductivity, alkalinity, calcium, magnesium, hardness, index of aggressiveness. The presence of micro-organisms and pollutants such as, for example, halogenated organ compounds, metals (including arsenic), and anti-parasitics is subjected to in-depth analysis. All parameters comply with the legal limits.

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A water purifier

While you’re in Venice, drink from the tap instead of buying bottled water. Use a steel bottle (or another durable material) to carry your water with you while visiting the city. Many public water fountains are also available in the streets that supply the same high-quality water as is available in residences.


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