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Weather in Rome And Best Season To Visit

December 14th, 2019 by Prontopia

Are you wondering what the weather in Rome will be like? Or which is the best season to visit? Here are some tips on how to enjoy the city at its best and how to pack what you will need.

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Summer is probably the most popular time of year for tourists to visit the Eternal City.

The summer weather in Rome is not always kind to those poor souls who wander around the city trying to grasp every piece of beauty.

Weather in Rome And Best Season To Visit 0

Temperature is at the highest in July and August with 31° Celsius, sometimes even more, and no sign of breeze most of the time.

If you are here long enough, a one-day trip to a near the beach might be the perfect move to cool down!

Despite the heat though, Rome is beautiful during the summer. It does not rain too much – which means your rainboot can leave room for something else in your suitcase! – and the atmosphere in the city is definitely more relaxed.

The sun does not set before 8:30 pm! This gives you more daylight for perfect pictures with ancient ruins in the background, night strolls and late aperitif in the hipster or classy parts of Rome!

Just remember to drink a lot! Bring always a bottle with you to fill up in the many water fountains (also called nasoni for their unique shape), a fan and deodorant!

An ice cream a day at least! Delicious gelato to give you some relief from the heat and your feet some rest from all the walking you will be doing.

And at night, enjoy the many stands along the river with food and drinks!

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Fall always comes at the right time. It is when you are tired of sweating and sand in-between your toes, and you just miss your comforting light sweater.

The days start getting shorter and cooler. Rome is less crowded and it is easier to visit museums and other touristy spots.

Weather in Rome And Best Season To Visit 1

It might rain more in October, so make sure you are prepared for it! And when it does, Rome gets a bit harder to deal with. Traffic increases and people get crankier. But you are on vacation, so you can still take it easy!

Colors in the city change, and you might want to walk around in Villa Borghese or Villa Pamphili to enjoy that even more! There are so many things to do in the fall!


It never gets too cold in Rome for it to stop being a pleasure to visit. In the last few years it had a few snowflakes that did not last more than a couple of days. The touch of white just added some magic to an already charming city.

Weather in Rome And Best Season To Visit 2

Bring hats and scarfs anyway; it is always better to be prepared! The temperature never goes below 0° Celsius (32° Fahrenheit) during the day, but you might still get a Rudolph-the-red-nosed reindeer kind of nose!

Towards the end of November, you will start seeing Christmas decorations all around you and, all of a sudden, hot chocolate with whipped cream will be the perfect afternoon treat.


Spring is every Roman’s favorite holiday, and the season everyone wishes for when it’s summertime! It’s the perfect weather during this time of year.

With its blooming trees and longer days, spring is probably the best time to visit Rome. The temperature does not go above 25° Celsius (77° Fahrenheit), so you can still dress light without worrying to get sweaty and sticky!

Weather in Rome And Best Season To Visit 3

Spring is when the best outdoor activities start, like concerts, festivals, and outdoor markets. Check out the one in Piazza Campo de’ Fiori for an intense Roman culture experience that you will be talking about a lot back home!

Considering its weather, Rome is perfect in every season!

©Photo Credits: Villa Borghese (Photo by Emily Passmore on Unsplash), Lungotevere Castello (Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash), Colosseo (Photo by Serena Repice Lentini on Unsplash) Testaccio Pink Bicycle (Photo by Miguel Moreno)


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