Prontopia: People helping People

pronto adverb : without delay + utopia noun : an ideal place
= Prontopia : Ready to help communities become an ideal place

Meet Prontopia

The team that makes it all possible

Shannon Kenny

Founder & CEO

Ilaria Nardone

Operations Director

Vijay Jadhwani

IT Director

Nick Mazza

Head of Digital Marketing

Reid Crawford

Senior Engineer

Jodi Koskella

Marketing Director

Joel Shapira

Growth & Business Development

Megan Peterson

Digital Marketing

Flavia Cattoi

Head of Locals Recruitment

Donatella Bindi

Florence Locals Coordinator

Elisa Fornani

Venice Locals Coordinator

Ava Jakubowski

California Locals Coordinator

Meet The Board

James Lal

Technology Advisor

Lead Engineer at Mozilla and Yahoo

Jigish Avalani

Strategic Advisor

Global Market Development at Concur and Microsoft

Norm Rose

Strategic Advisor

Technology and Corporate Market Analyst, Phocuswright and Travel Tech Consulting

John Glanville

Chairman of the Board

CEO, and CFO Sustainable Change Alliance

About the Company

Improving life in the city

Prontopia is a public benefit corporation focused on fostering human connection and empathy around the globe to drive Sustainable Development Goals of providing decent work and economic growth, creating sustainable cities and communities, and encouraging responsible consumption and production.

Founder's Story

How did we get here

Prontopia Founder and CEO Shannon Kenny launched Prontopia in April of 2018 as a solution to the increasing gap in availability of in-trip help while traveling. Shannon had divided her time between California and Italy throughout her professional career as a historian and social entrepreneur since 1997 and founder of the Italy family travel website, the Arte al Sole Italy educational travel programs, and Elaia Travel, a boutique trip planning concierge. Shannon frequently had the need for a service like Prontopia as a mom traveling alone with 2 young children, and also saw the need among her friends, her aging parents, and clients in city centers around the world. She felt that creating an affordable and easy way to get just a little bit of help exactly when and where it is needed would support better quality of life and create more resilient cities.


Shannon Kenny

Founder and CEO

Shannon Kenny is a historian and social entrepreneur with a background in Travel; Education; and Communications with over 20 years experience leading international, cross-cultural ventures to success. Shannon’s research on medieval and Renaissance Europe chronicled the rise of the city state, based on a fascination with urban humanistic views on living together in harmony. Shannon loves the freedom and invigoration of walking in the city wherever she goes. She dreams of reinventing ancient ideas of civitas through Prontopia as a location-based mobile solution for life in walkable cities that creates positive global-local impacts through meaningful human connections.

Vijay Jadhwani

Technical Coordinator

Vijay Jadhwani has over two decades of global business experience, working with diverse cultures, across Europe, USA and Asia-Pacific, leading strategic engagements; Consulting and Program Management for start-up organizations; managing multi-million dollar IT sales and delivery; leading strategic IT initiatives involving ERP implementation and BPO activities; & leading non-profit organizations in serving the needs of local communities. With the passion of contributing towards making this world a place where each and every person works toward Peace, building bridges, connecting humans with love, compassion, humility, the philosophy of ONE family is what drives Vijay.

Ilaria Nardone

Europe Manager

Ilaria Nardone is an experienced digital marketer with a master’s degree in political communication and many years of working and living experience abroad. Born and raised in Venice, Ilaria spent the last 5 years working in Asia in the digital and social marketing industry related to hospitality; she decided to come back to live in her beautiful city because she could not live without her lagoon. Her passion for social issues brought her to take part and develop associations for gender equality, grassroots empowerment and sustainable environment everywhere she lived in, finding innovative solutions to enhance them with digital communication. Ilaria loves adventurous travel, finding solutions for sustainable ways to live and experience Venice and everything about the digital world.